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Upbeat Workstations | Godrej Interio

Updated: Mar 11

Product category:

Open plan office system (OPOS), low height, Modular workstation system furniture.

Product Description:

Upbeat is a Complete office Furniture setup solution, designed to cater to the various settings in an office space. The system offers five different Leg designs on a platform design understructure. A range of screen finishes and looks can be mixed-n- matched to create unique spaces within the regular office layout. Different options for wire management and uniquely designed accessories add to the flexibility of the workstation offering. It also provides an exhaustive range of size and configuration which gives the flexibility to create multiple types of clusters. The configurations that could be created with upbeat are – Regular tables, High tables, mobile tables, meeting tables, conference tables

Product Differentiation:

1. Five unique and different End leg design option on the same platform understructure design.

2. Shared leg can provide for contingency seating in the regular layout too.

3. Screen types like removeable screen, clip on screens, aluminium framed screens, frameless screens on studs can be offered with any leg understructure design.

4. Worktop profiles of linear and L-shaped can be offered to fit into regular layouts created by architects.

5. Three Different types of wire management – Wire tray with integrated power box, two level wire carrier cum modesty and single and dual power box with wire riser can be offered in the various clusters and modules as required.

6. High tables to provide better ergonomic standing height as well as high seating experience can provided.

7. Meeting tables in three different table top profiles with provision of single and dual access flap and power box inbuilt can be offered.

8. Shared leg can provide for contingency seating in the regular layout too.

9. Mobile tables in multiple leg designs can be provided. When coupled with power beam it can create multiple patterns of versatile and user centric work settings.

10. Collaborative products like Power beams and beam seats provide for creating informal interactive spaces with in the regular office space.

11. Trolley for keeping removeable screen when not mounted on the worktop is a thoughtful and much required accessory in a multiple use workspace.

12. Single drawer with and without power options provide for immediate personal storage while freeing the leg room occupied by floor placed pedestal units.

13. Designer accessories which complement the new design language of the upbeat product.

Product certifications available:

1. India Design Mark Certification

2. GreenPro Certification

3. Indoor Advantage Gold – Furniture Indoor Air Quality

4. GRIHA Product catalogue listing (applied)

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