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Godrej Tang Bars

Updated: Jan 30

By Godrej Security Solutions : Security Reinforced


Banks branches today face threat to the security of the stored valuables from burglars who are equipped with the most modern tools. Valuables stored inside vault rooms and in currency chests are vulnerable to threats if protection is not reinforced. As technology advances break-in attempts and attacks on strong room doors are no more crude amateur affairs with burglars equipped with most modern tools. Hence it is necessary to make the vault rooms in the branches impenetrable to these burglars from every direction i.e. walls, floors, and roof slabs


Introducing Godrej Tang Bars , which when used in construction , reinforce the vault room against attacks from any direction. These Tang bars used to reinforce the high security vaults are made out of MS steel sheets These strips are punched to forma double combed structure and are twisted before being laid in the wall, floor or roof, reinforcing the high security of vaults.


  • Reinforcement is made from mild steel strip to form a double comb structure

  • The weight of a single Tang Bar is 6.1 Kg

  • The comb strip is twisted into cylindrical shape, forming fangs in all directions

  • These fangs overlap and interlock each other and are distributed in walls, roof and floor in a way that they defect

  • Incoming drill giving resistance to burglary attempts made on the vault room

  • The tang Bars are laid horizontally in one, two or three rows


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