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Godrej Strong Room Door with Grill Gate

Updated: Mar 17

Bankers & businessmen today are facing the ever increasing threat to their security. Criminal attacks on premises are becoming more & more organized & sophisticated with the use of the most advanced state of art technology available. Godrej, with over 113 years of experience in the field of security, constantly innovates itself to keep up with the changing times & provide upgraded security solutions. In our endeavor to offer you world- class products using cutting edge, technology, we now offer you Defender plus strong room doors. Coupled with unique Godrej Double Duty Barrier(DDB) material & Torch & Drill Resistant(TDR) matrix, these doors offer far more protection against fire &resistance to impact tools, power drills, oxy-acetylene flames & arc cutting.

Defender Plus Class I :

The thickness of the overall composite slab is 18mm made of a layer of flame and arc resistant (special) alloy which provides dependable protection against fire and attacks of power drilling, oxyacetylene flame and arc cutting. It is further fortified by a composite 62 mm layer of Godrej DDB.

Defender Plus Class II :

This door has a 25mm slab of Torch and Drill Resistant Matrix Slab. A 65mm layer of Godrej Double Duty Barrier further fortifies this slab, making it virtually invincible from attacks of sledge hammers, hydraulic jack, power drills, torch and oxyacetylene flame.

Shooting Bolts:

To secure the door, 12 shooting bolts (each of 38mm dia) are provided, six in front and six at the rear which slide behind the tough rebate. The bolts can be activated simultaneously by the movement of the handle.

Door Frame:

Tested quality 10mm thick MS plate is used for fabricating one piece bent angle door frame.

Locks and re-locking devices are protected by a specially designed drill defeat shield which defeats the attempts to drill open the locks.

Automatic re-locking devices:

This feature offers additional security, incase an attempt is made with the helo of explosives or mechanically. This sensitive device gets actuated automatically and the door is deadlocked which cannot be opened.

High Security Locks:

Defender plus doors are fitted with two Godrej make superior quality dual control high precision 8 lever - locks. Stainless steel keys are supplied in duplicate. If specified at the time of placing the order, an imported Lagard 4 wheel numeric lock which offers nearly 100 million

combinations for setting and resetting can be provided at extra cost.

It provides protection against attempts of dislodging the locks. If any pressure is applied on the lock bolt on one side, this ingenious mechanism automatically brings into play an equal neutralizing pressure on the opposite side, thus failing the attempt.

Anti-corrosion treatment:

All steel components are given a thorough twelve stage anti- corrosion treatment followed by rust inhibiting paint for greater protection against fire.

Grille Gate:

A well-designed grille gate is provided, which is secured with Godrej high precision 8-lever lock, operable from inside as well as outside.

The Defender Class I/ll Strong Room Doors may be Classified - TRIL-15 & TRTL - 30. Approved and listed by Bureau of Indian Standards as CIS11188.

Protection against fire:

Godrej Double Duty Barrier material provides reliable protection against fire.

Impact resisting shaft for handle:

Attractively designed, convenient to use handles are fitted on an impact resisting shaft which is meant to defeat attempts to hammer it in another unique feature of Godrej

Defender Plus Doors.

A relay micro switch is provided on the door & it controls lighting inside the vault room area. It also ensures that once the door is closed, the power supply to the inside of the vault is automatically cut-off.


Approved & Listed by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).


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