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Godrej Sterion : India's First of its kind Currency Sterilization Machine

Updated: Mar 11

The first thing anyone has learned about coronavirus is that it is highly contagious and that it can survive on any surface for a period of time. This has made everyone cautious when it comes to touching day-to-day objects such as door knobs, daily items, currency notes and coins, among other surfaces.

One of the primary ways to protect yourself from COVID-19 is to wash your hands and carry hand sanitizers. However, a question that looms large is how you make the money virus-free.

Make sure your currency and other valuables stay virus-free with India's first - of - its - kind

currency sterilization machine that uses plasma ion technology to kill viruses. It is perfect for use in banks, jewellery stores, post offices, large shopping malls, markets and other cash transaction places. We at Godrej are committed to creating a safe, secure, convenient and healthy environment for our consumers. Godrej Security Solutions in collaboration with SMI-KOREA presents Godrej Steri-On, a plasma ion technology based sterilization machine to disinfect all your valuables.

With the recent spread of Covid-19, MERS, Ebola virus, food poisoning, general germs and diseases throughout the world, the global interest in sterilization is rising. Our currency notes

and other currencies around the world carry over 3000 different types of germs. Our currency, being made of paper and fiber, becomes a conducive environment for microorganisms to grow. While counting currency at the cash counter, there are high chances of virus and bacteria coming in contact with the teller, thus increasing the chances of the bacteria further spreading in the bank space putting the bank employees and clients at risk.

Godrej Steri-On sterilizes currencies (notes and coins) and other valuables from virus, bacteria, general dust, germs and more through plasma ion technology making them hygienic and safe to use.

Godrej Steri-On is introduced in India in collaboration with SMI-Korea and holds patents in

Japan, USA, Korea, China, Middle East.

Using plasma ion technology, Godrej Steri-On removes bacterial fine dust (PM 2.5) and kills 99.9% of germs in 30 seconds. Harmless plasma ion cluster are used for the disinfection & sterilization in the air instead of utilizing the existing UV rays or germicide methods.


Banks / Currency exchanges Financial Institutions : For employees working in financial institutions handling money and other valuables deposited with them.

Jewelers : For the store cashier handling money at the cash counter for reliable sterilization of the currency and other valuables.

Retail / Supermarket / Department Store : For employees working at the cash counters who

can effectively sterilize the currency notes and coins ensuring they are absolutely safe to use.

Download PDF • 6.50MB


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