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Godrej Steel Fabricated Strong Room

Updated: Jan 30

By Godrej Security Solutions : Security deployed at your convenience


Banks need to manage the movement of valuables and the inflow and outflow of cash seamlessly under the best possible security systems. However, regular vault rooms take time to set-up and portability is invariably an issue shoulda bank shift location or if the lockers need to be moved as part of a bank's expansion plans.


Introducing the Godrej Steel Fabricated Strong Room. Fitted with a Godrej Defender Plus Class | Door, the Strong Room is fire and burglary resistant and is fabricated from prime quality steel plates. Modular in design, it is lined with fire resisting bricks on the outside and can be easily set-up or dismantled, allowing for quick and efficient transportation.


  • Can be assembled and dismantled as and when required.

  • Knockdown design makes transportation easier, and minimises disturbance to the existing layout during erection.

  • Fitted with Godrej Defender Plus Class | Door of Class ‘C’ category.

  • Doorframe fabricated from bent angle section, and secured to the front wall of the room with strong lines of rivets and bolts turned from inside.

  • The sides, top and bottom are fabricated using 10mm thick, prime quality steel plates held together with rivets and bolts.

  • Optionally, the strong room is also available lined with Godrej unique Non-conducting Fire-Resisting Bricks that are effective for years and do not deteriorate with age.

  • All components are anti-rust treated and supplied in red primer.

  • Available in two standard sizes (H)8ft x (W)11ft x (D)8ft and (H)8ft x (W)15ft x (D)8ft, but can be manufactured to suit client requirements on request.

  • Lined with firebricks from outside making it fire resistant for up to 120 minutes.


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