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Godrej Single Shutter Grill Gate

Updated: Jan 30

Godrej Security Solutions presents Single Shutter Grill Gate for Banks Jewelers Etc.

180° Accessible Security


Customers rely on the bank’s high security vault rooms to keep their cash, valuables and important documents safe. A single layer of security is not adequate for a vault room for it also undermines the vault operator's security. Hence,

a robust layer of security is needed to secure the vault room, such that it protects, as well as offers discretionary access to the vault room door. The Single Shutter Grille Gate (SSGG) can be retrofitted to a standard room for providing discrete and secured access.


The Godrej Single Shutter Grille Gate (SSGG) creates separate workspaces within a vault room while providing additional security to the vault room and personnel inside it. The SSGG can be locked from both the sides, thus avoiding a security breach in emergency situations.


- Has a dual control high precision 8-lever lock

- Can be operated from both sides giving operational ease

- Enhanced operator's security


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