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Godrej Road Blocker for Vehicles

Updated: Mar 17

Perimeter protection is becoming increasingly important, especially for premises with high traffic at entry and exit points. At such places conventional barriers may not be adequate and advanced security measures need to be taken.

Godrej Security Solutions' Road Blockers provide reliable security where unauthorized vehicles need to be stopped. These intelligently developed Road Blockers are ideal for organizations, institutions and other locations which are extremely sensitive to security.

The Road Blocker is an electro-hydraulically operated rising step obstruction which rises above the ground level on giving a valid input signal and thus prevents unauthorized intrusions. It ensures maximum protection.

An example of German engineering excellence, this TESCON Security Systems product is

brought to you exclusively by Godrej Security Solutions.

Areas of Application:

  • Military areas e Embassies e Banks

  • Hotels e High security zones e Heavy industries

  • Places of detention e Dams e Power stations

  • Airports e Temples

Technical Characteristics:

The housing and the blocking element of the road blocker are designed in full-core steel profile construction to absorb a static impact load of 400 to 5000 KN.

  • Electro-hydraulically operated

  • Blocking width 3 m to 6 m

  • Physically crash tested according to PAS68 standard

  • Standard blocking height above surface level: 675 mm

  • Loop detector provided for safety

  • Tensile strength of structural steel components: 490 — 600 N/mm

  • Hand pump for manual operation in case of power failure

Optional Features / Accessories:

  • Any RAL color / stainless steel bollards

  • Accumulator system for hydraulic operation in case of power failure

  • Traffic lights and sump pump for drainage

  • Built in red warning lights for better visibility of blockers built for impact greater than 700 kN

Long-Term Corrosion Protection:

All steel parts of the Road Blocker are especially galvanized and plastic coated (three surface layers, (zinc plus 2 layers of plastic coating, upto 260 microns).


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