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Godrej Pop Safes

Updated: Jan 30

Godrej Security Solutions presents your personal Cash Manager


Daily cash in banking and other financial establishments is often stored in the drawers of cash counters or tables. Storing the cash in unfortified compartments make it an easy target with any small-time miscreant being able to jiggle open the drawer and make good with the cash.


Godrej POP safes secure temporary cash, enabling day-to-day operations to be conducted with ease. The riveted joints in these safes offer protection against burglary attempts while the walls of the safe are fortified such that it can resist even high intensity hammer blows.


+ Fully welded, multi-bend metal body

+ Heavy plate door hinged on strong pivots ina solid steel bearing block

* 3 shooting bolts behind a rebate while the rear edge of its door acts like a continuous vertical bolt

* Drill resistant armour plate to protect the lock and the vital parts of the bolt

* High-precision, dual control, 6-lever lock operated by two keys

+ A3-wheel numerical combination lock can be provided

+ A locker with a flap door anda lock for additional security

+ Also available with coin slot and baffle tray inside

+ Available in dual tone powder coated, Dark Grey/ Light Grey colour finish

+ The safe can be integrated with Godrej alarm systems


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