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Godrej Motorized P Gate with Access Control

Updated: Mar 17

P type motorized swing gate is specially designed for the disabled , large package entry, individuals with carts , trolley entry etc. P gate: is fully motorized bi-directional gate and can be used in standalone version or along with the series of tripod turnstiles. Smooth & silent motorized drive mechanism along with safety features ensures high comfort to the user. P gate swings 90 degree in both the directions. P gate allows maximum opening of 900 mm. Two opposite P gate configured facing each other work simultaneously to provide extra wide clear walkway for movement of larger objects in & out of secured area.


  • Motorized Operation by DC brushless motor based highly reliable drive

  • Passage clearance up to 900 mm

  • Bi-directional operational Control

  • Normally locked at center position

  • Positive action lock to prevent two passage at one time.

  • Integration: With all type of access control panel/Reader available in the market.

  • Cabinet is available in Mild steel Powder coated OR Stainless Steel) with stainless steel arm of P shape

  • Lane Indicator

  • Power supply: 230 VAC input and 24 VDC for electronics and motor

  • Micro-controller based electronics to drive and control the operation of Pgate

  • Hold time programmable

  • Smooth and reliable operation

Specifications -

Mechanism : Motorised operation

Cabinet : Stainless steel SS 304

Barrier Arm Diameter : 50 mm

Passage Walk way : 900 mm

Duty Cycle : Intensive use

Power : 230V AC 50 Hz

Dimension : 1030 X 1200 mm approx.

Barrier Operation : Motorised

Power Off : Fail Safe


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