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Godrej Key Management System

Updated: Mar 17

In Godrej Key Management System , The master key to handle all your is one-of-a-kind simple yet efficient security system to keep all your keys safe. Along with securing your keys, it prevents unauthorized access and guards all keys against theft or misplacement.

Key Management System can be held 32 or 48 electronically coded keys ( Upto 96 also available )

How does the Key Management System work?

Authorized Access Only

Each key is attached to a smart-key (or Key Fob) which is_ individually identified and locked, allowing only authorized access . This is done using an RFID card or unique PIN codes or a

combination of both.The LCD display meticulously displays every activity of key management system and electronic controllers grant authorized access only. After each key transaction a record log is maintained using time stamp.


Suitable for use in Hospitals, Banks, Government and Corporate offices, Malls, Parking Areas, Shops etc.

Operating temperature: 0-55°C @ Dimension approx. 407 x 538 x130mm (WxHxD) @ Wall-mountable and table-top key cabinet options available

Salient Features

Computerized Key Control

Grants authorized access. Configures user rights and RFID cards as per the program.

Key Fitted To A Smart Key Fob

Individually locks and identifies the keys using the built-in chip.

Tagging Free

No tagging required on key cabinet and any keycan be placed in any slot, making it hassle free for the users.

RFID Access For Better Security

Front door opens to provide access to the panel only on scanning the RFID card for additional security, to avoid key tampering or duplication.

Internal Battery Backup*

Enables uninterrupted operation in the instance of power failure.


User-friendly interface. Comprehensive monitoring of multiple key guards.

Generate Transaction Reports

Formulates access history of each key and user. Generates detailed reports and logs up to 25000 transaction:

Tamper Alarm

Alerts in case of Intrusion of Unauthorized User

Automatic Lock

It automatically locks the key in case of power or battery failure

Key Management Demo Video


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