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Wall Full Height modular Partitioning system - Godrej Interio

Updated: Mar 11

Wall is a Gapless Modular Full Height partition system, designed to provide the aesthetic appeal while also catering to the general functional needs of the office users like writing surfaces, display monitor mounting, display shelves, switch mounting and wire management in panels. Design of the panels is done to complement the low height modular workstation system ‘Wish’.


1.Wider panels up to 8’ wide with opaque finishes like fabric and DL(Decorative Laminate)

2.Single full height glass panels up to 8’ height to provide uninterrupted visual access.

3.Supply and installation of the superstructure as a Kit (above false ceiling fixing).

4.Provisions for mounting - Blinds within or on partitions (motorized or manual), access control at doors, display shelves etc.

5.Mounting of worktop directly on the full height (reduced cost as additional low height partition not required to mount worktops)


Private Offices and enclosed cabins in Open plan offices.

Conference rooms

Reception lobbies

Project specific areas

Space dividers


•Slim 75 mm thick partition panel construction.

•Maximum Span - Single panel of 2400 mm (8’ nominal) can be offered with opaque finishes.

•Maximum span of 1200 mm (4’ Nominal) can be offered with glass finishes.

•Panel height below false ceiling level can vary from nominal 8’ to 10’ (can be offered as per actual dimensions at site in mm).

•100 % Aluminum extrusions used for the panel construction. Powder Coated colours from our colour palate for the extrusions can be selected.

•Panel tile finishes can be varied from transparent and classy yet tough GLASS finishes ( single or double glass) to opaque functional finishes like FABRIC TACABLE and BACK PAINTED (glass white board) as well as aesthetical finishes of FABRIC NON TACKABLE and DECORATIVE PRELAMINATE ( DL ) to suit customers elevation choice. Both the sides of the panel can have different finishes in case of opaque panels.

•Superstructure for the true ceiling grouting can be a part of the offering and installation.

•3 types of doors – Hinged Frameless glass doors (which eliminate the digging of floor for fixing of the door), Hinged Wooden (flush) door (DL door) and Frameless Glass floor spring door.

•All doors are complete with their hardware, hinges, Handle with lock and door stoppers.

•Wire management vertically within panels can be done. For glass panels, power post can be provided in between panels for providing wire management within the panel.


1.Can be fixed over all floor finishes– carpeted, tiled, vinyl

2.Opaque and glass panels could be offered in the same elevation

3.Worktops can be fixed to the panels using standard WISH components

4.Provision for fixing of motorized or manual blinds on or within glass panels can by provided

5.Switch mounting provisions on tiles other then tackable and glass finish can be provided

6.Provisions for mounting Display Monitors and screens on panel can be provided

7.Levelling and plumb adjustments can be done in the panels while fixing to take care of site surface unevenness

8.Display shelf in glass can be fixed on the partition panel

9.Glass frameless door on heavy duty hinges

Product certifications available:

1. BIFMA LEVEL 2 sustainability standard certification.

2. GRIHA certification

3. Greenguard Certification


Q1. Can we give single span glass panels greater than 4’ in Wall?

A: The maximum width of glass panel that we can give is of size 8’h x 4’ w. Glass bigger then this is very difficult to handle for installation as well as transportation from the truck to the floors. I also possess a safety hazard to our technicians installing the Full height partitions. Hence we limit our offering in glass to maximum 8’ Ht X 4’ W.

Q2. What is the specification of glass that is used in wish single glass panel?

A: 5 MM thk. plain toughened glass is used in single glass panel. The same is also used in double glass panels as well as back painted glass in panels.

Q3. What is the thickness of glass provided in the frameless door?

A: 10 mm toughened plain glass is provided in the Glass doors.

Q4. What hardware is supplied with the doors?

A: In hinged doors, both glass and DL, the hardware along with the hinges, the door stopper, the handle and lock is a part of the door. In case of floor spring doors, the floor spring is also a part of the hardware that is supplied with the chairs.

Q5. Can we give acoustical partitions in wall?

A: Acoustical partitions are not a part of the offering of Wall Full height partitions. However, the double wall construction of partition of Wall, by its inherent construction and engineering does offer some acoustical privacy to the users. No test has been performed to ascertain the level of acoustical privacy that it can provide.

Q6. Can we mount access control in WALL?

A: Yes, provision for mounting access controls can be provided as required by the client. However, first we shall need the actual samples of the access control kit to check is the same can be fixed in our partitions.

Q7. Can we mount monitors on the panels of WALL?

A: We can mount monitors on the panels with fabric non tackable and DL finishes. The position of the same will need to be identified at the time of order booking in the BOQ sent. Provision for mounting of the monitor will be made by manufacturing for mounting of the monitors on the locations identified. The LED/LCD mounting bracket provided with the monitor will be required for making the provisions.

Q8. Can the carpeting of the floor be done after the installation of Wall Full height partition?

A: Yes. Wall can be installed and then carpeting of the flooring can be done. The Wall partition Doors have provisions that will accommodate the carpets as well.

Q9. Is the pricing of the superstructure inclusive and mandatory offering with the partition panel?

A: The superstructure (ceiling grouting) can be supplied and installed by us. However, the pricing for the same shall be additional to the pricing of the partition system itself. All

modular full height vendors quote only for partition panel work below false ceiling level and the superstructure (above false ceiling is in the scope of the civil false ceiling contractor. However, as a part of the offering, we shall provide the services where ever and whenever required.

Q10. How are the power cables drawn in the partition panels for wire management and power outlet in the partition?

A: The power cables can enter the partition from the ceiling or from the floor. The wiring layout and positions should be as per the marking for the panels. The points for wire intake need to be determined based on the partition panel layout marking on site. Panels though which wires are to be taken should be booked as “panel with wire management”. Please note that the wire can pass through the panels vertically only. Horizontally between two panels it cannot be taken.

Q11. Can we provide power outlets for full glass partitions in wall system itself?

A: Yes, we can provide power post in the wall partition panels which can hold the switch sockets and also wire management can be done through it vertically from flooring. It is especially useful for full glass partition panels.


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