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Shifty WFH [Work From Home] Table - Godrej Interio

Updated: Mar 11

As the name suggests, Shifty is a work desk that can shift its location to where you would like to work from. It is a no-frills product that is perfect to support laptop work while seated from any place of your home. It can effortlessly be picked up and moved around the house

because of its compactness and light weight. The edges of the desk have been rounded off to ensure there is no discomfort while using the product. Because of its compact footprint, it can be easily stored in any corner of the house and when not in use double up as a décor prop table or a lamp stand. With a warm woodgrain and a matt black base structure, it exudes contemporary styling. The Mild Steel base powder-coated and well fabricated offers a strong base to the top and additional durability.

TOP : 25 mm thick MDF top one side pre laminated with 0.5mm PVC membrane pressed on to top and having rounded edges

Understructure : Metal structure with epoxy polyester

powder coated

Load Bearing Capacity : 40 kg

Construction: Knock down

Shade :

1) Top : Vareda oak

2) Understructure : Black


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