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Godrej High Security Door

Updated: Jan 30

Godrej Security Solutions Presents High Security Strong Room Door

Better than the Best


Currency chests are a vital part of banking functions as cash is constantly shifted in and out of it. A common target for criminal elements, currency chests are prone to burglary attempts, which in today's times often involve advanced tools and state-of-the-art implements.


The Godrej High Security Door is specially designed for currency chest applications, and is engineered to withstand attacks by common hand tools, power tools, picking tools and arc-cutting torches. The High Security Door’s resilient construction is defined by its unique design and strong barrier material like Torch and Drill Resistant Matrix (TDR).


Door Frame: The door frame is one piece bent rivet-less fully welded ‘C’ frame imparting superior strength and sturdiness besides giving ita lasting aesthetic finish.

Rebate: 65mm deep box jamb rebate protects shooting bolts against numerous forms of burglary viz. oxy- acetylene flame or electrical arc cutting. Deeper box jamb rebate offers greater resistance against attacks of dislodgement including hydraulic jack attack.

Height Adjustment Mechanism: It comes fitted on the door and pivots for perfect alignment of the door. It allows smooth effortless movement on pivots with arrangements to fine-tune the door movement vertically at site.

Door Slab: The door slab is made using a special monolithic Torch and Drill Resistant layer (TDR Matrix) which is cast-in-situ. TDR is unique to Godrej and itis this, which gives the necessary burglar resistance to our doors. Fire resistance is provided by double duty barrier material, which is filled in addition to the TDR material.

Automatic Deadlocking Device - 2 nos.: Independent, highly sensitive deadlocking devices protect each of these locks against explosives, acid and other tool attacks through the keyhole. These get activated whenever

attempts are made to dislodge the lock.

Locking Mechanism: The locking mechanism has a balanced pressure bolt work, which balances the handle operating force by converting it into an equal and opposite balanced force on the lock bolt. This ensures that any force on the pilot wheel is not transmitted to the lock fixing bolts.

Shooting Bolt: A 4-way shooting bolt mechanism - total 16 nos., 6 nos. each on left and right, and 2nos. each on top and bottom. Shooting bolt on each side offers extra burglar resistance.

Locks - 2 nos.: High precision, un-pickable, dual control locks fabricated using all brass body, brass levers and phosphor- bronze springs and stainless steel keys, which make the lock operations, smooth and effortless. In addition to these locks, one 4-wheel combination lock (100 million combinations) is also provided as a standard feature.

Grille Gate: It is fitted with a high precision 8-lever all brass dual control lock operable from both sides. The Grille gate opens by 180 degrees allowing free use of the inside space.

Limit Switch: Pivot operated limit switch for internal room lighting.

Foot Bridge: For ease of movement across the door frame.

Compression Mechanism: Enables the vault door to be water tight, thus completely sealing of vault. Certification: Tested as per BIS standard IS 11188:2014

*Locking Mechanisms are also available in (a) Combination Lock (b) Electronic Lock (c) Biometric Lock (d) Time Lock


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