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Godrej Full Height Turnstile Access Control & Visitor Management System

Updated: Mar 17

Ensuring security and crowd management at the entrance in areas which need high security, and have high pedestrian flow is a challenging task. To make this difficult task easier, Godrej Security Solutions presents VigiGuard Full Height Turnstile. Designed for pedestrian entrance control at high security areas, its revolving doors help regulate pedestrian flow. Available in dual and single lane models, its sturdy structure and design, make it a sure deterrent.

Dual Lane Model Numbers: GFHT-M2, GFHT-S2

Single Lane Model Numbers: GFHT-M1, GFHT-S1


High security areas, like large business facilities, Government assets, stadiums, research labs, etc.


  • Electromechanical drive mechanism

  • 4 section rotor at 90° to prevent two people passing through at one time

  • Bi-directional passage control

  • Hexagonally designed drive mechanism housing, for better aesthetic, built in lane indicators

  • Housing material: Mild steel powder coated, or stainless steel grade 304, with stainless steel rotor and bars

  • Self centering hydraulic damping mechanism, for smooth and complete rotation of head

  • Integration with access control


  • Canopy can be provided for outdoor applications

  • Housing material: Stainless Steel grade 316


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