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Godrej FortiFi Strong Room Door Solution

Updated: Jan 30

Godrej Security Solutions presents FortiFi Strong Room Door Solution Offering Enhanced Security


Strong room doors in banks are often obsolete and are not equipped to resist modern day burglary attempts. As technology advances, break-ins are no longer crude, amateur affairs. Burglars today use highly advanced tools and equipment such as sophisticated power drills, oxy-acetylene torch and arc cutting thus outdated strong room doors do not stand chance to such onslaughts.


The solution includes upgradation of strong room doors, the strengthening of the door using fortified protective slabs against each region of the door and the upgradation of the locking mechanism.


  • Compact and easy to handle fortification process

  • Use of fortified protective slabs and a fascia with handle

  • Three protective slabs at the top, bottom and centre, weighing 125kg each

  • Final slab consisting of a 5mm thick Back Plate with TRTL 30 rating

  • Minimum installation time using skilled manpower from Godrej

  • Fortification process and final furnishing is completed within three days


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