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Godrej Fire Resistant Filing Cabinet FRFC 4/2 Drawers

Updated: Mar 17

Godrej Fire Resisting Filing Cabinets | Be Intelligent. Be Safe.

Protect vital documents from fire for up to 2 hours.

In minutes, a fire can wipe out your business and change your life. It takes very little time to start a fire, a carelessly thrown cigarette butt, and an electrical short circuit, things that happen through sheer carelessness, events that are thrown cigarette butt, and an electrical short circuit, things that happen through sheer carelessness, events that are

not even in anyone's control. Fire devours paper rapidly and greedily. It takes a lifetime's work to set up a business but a few minutes to destroy it. The record of transactions, policies, accounts receivable and payable, statements, licenses, agreements, formulae and blue prints are invaluable. You can get compensation through insurance, but once your vital documents turn to ashes, there is absolutely no recovery. So, make a wise decision before it is too late. Hence keeping these vital documents in ordinary filing cabinets, steel & wooden cupboards, will not protect them from the ever prevailing threat of fire.

The ultimate file protection system.

With over 113 years of experience in providing peace of mind in both home and work environments, Godrej presents “Fire Resistant Filing Cabinets” that effectively protect vital documents.

Godrej offers two types of Fire Resisting Filing Cabinets:

  • Fire Resisting Filing Cabinets with One Hour Fire Resistance.

  • Fire Resisting Filing Cabinets with the Two Hour Fire Resistance.

More protection through robust construction that can even withstand falling debris.

Formidable resistance to heat

Godrej Fire Resisting Filing cabinets have unique features which offer unequalled resistance to heat from fires or hot gases.

The unique and proprietary fire resistant compound can withstand temperature exceeding 1000°C and provides resistance to flames and hot gases.

Tongue & Groove Construction

Tongue and groove construction prevents the passage of flames and hot gases to the interior of the drawer. Each drawer of Fire Resisting Filing Cabinets has an independent five sided enclosure heavily insulated with the unique Godrej fire resisting compound.

Independently tested for performance

The Godrej Fire Resisting Filing Cabinets, have the unique distinction of having been successfully tested at the prestigious Underwriters Laboratories Ltd. (UL) of Chicago, USA for 1 hr & 2hr ratings for Fire Endurance, Fire and Impact as well as Explosion Hazard as per UL : 72 Class 350.

They have also been tested at Central Building Research Institute (CBR) for 1 hr and 2hrs

of Fire Endurance, Fire and impact as per Bureau of Indian Standards IS 14581:1998.

The 2-hrs fire-impact test at Underwriters Laboratories USA involved heating the cabinet, in a specially designed furnace to almost 1850°F, dropping it from a height of 9 meters (30 feet) and subsequently heating it again in an inverted position to almost 1850°F. Even after the entire duration of the test, the paper records inside the drawers were found to be usable, demonstrating _ its superior fire and impact resisting capabilities.

Each Drawer Individually Insulated : Effortless movement of drawers:

Telescopic Slides

Effortless movement of drawers using telescopic slides and heavy duty steel bearing. The double telescopic slides ensure that the entire drawer can be pulled out fully and the rearmost file can be reached easily.

Safe and Ingenious locking

Interlocking mechanism

a} Emergency latch: Each drawer of the Godrej Fire Resisting Filing Cabinet is provided with a self-closing latch which enables users to shut the drawers almost instantaneously during emergencies.

b) High-precession 6 lever Godrej lock.

c) A UL Listed 3-wheel Numerical Combination lock / Electronic Combination lock on the top drawer can be provided (Optional).

d) Individual locks on all drawers can also be provided at an extra cost.

Drawer Isolation Catch

A simple, full proof isolation catch provided on the right hand side of each drawer permits its independent use and locking.

Drawer isolation catch : Push Button release handle

A simple push button grip handle with a built in index panel is provided on each drawer for convenience in opening and closing.

Attractive finish - The perfect match

The Godrej Fire Resisting Filing Cabinets are given a lasting scratch resistant stipple finish in Ash Grey / Moonlight Grey combination.

Underwriters’ Laboratory, USA.

Actual Tests conducted on the Godrej FRFC at Underwriters Laboratory, USA for Fire Endurance, Fire & Impact (which includes the unique 9 meter drop test) and Explosion Hazard Test )


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