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Godrej Fire Resistant Compactor | Godrej Kompactron

Updated: Mar 17

Ultra Compact with Superior Fire Protection.

More operational ease on Godrej Swift Drive Platform.

Godrej Kompactron enables speedy access and effortless maneuverability when mounted on Godrej Swift Drive Platform - a complimentary Glided Rail Assembly with Step Down Mechanism and effortless handling with high durable tracks.

More Compact than any Fire Cabinet

Occupies 30% lesser space than other fire cabinets. This is significant considering Modern Day spaces in India.

More Protection against Fire Hot Air and Gases

With Superior Locking and Unique Cellular Construction it offers more Protection against Fire Hot Air and Gases

Features :

Performance Certified : 1 Hour and 2 Hour Fire & Impact Rating by CBRI ( Central Building Research Institute ) also BIS Certified.

Solid Construction : Sturdy Double Walled Body with Multi Bend Door fabricated with prime quality steel.

Tongue & Groove Construction : Prevents Hot Gases at Temperature up to 1010 Degrees Celsius

Locking Mechanism : Godrej High precision 6 Lever Dual Control with optional 3 Wheel Combination Lock.

Fire Resistant Barrier Compound : Special compound coated at outer and inner areas for better fire resistance.

Drive Arm: Firm grip handle enables effortless rotation to move multiple cabinets with ease.


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