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Godrej Electronic Static Discharge (ESD) Workstation

Updated: Mar 17

Danger from static discharge of electricity is well known among professionals who work in the field of electronics. Godrej ESD proof workstations ensure the highest degree of safety from static discharge. Built using top of the line dissipative and conductive material, our workstations are fully anti-static; every component that makes up our workstation is antistatic. Our range of ESD workstations, while ensuring the highest levels of functionality also focusses on aesthetics thereby ensuring your workspaces are vibrant and safe.


  • 25 mm thickness ESD Tabletop

  • Powder Coated Finish

  • Length – 1000 – 1500 mm

  • Depth - 600 mm

  • Dissipative Value 105 to 109 Ω/sq

  • 200 Kg UDL load Capability


  • Anti-glare lighting

  • Aesthetic Design

  • Static-safe workspace

  • Ergonomic design to improve operator efficiency

  • Wide range of accessories


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