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Godrej Door Frame Metal Detector G Scan 9 Zone DFMD

Updated: Mar 17


Having effective security at the entrance of crowded areas like shopping malls, railway stations, and airports is crucial. Especially when there is only so much that manned security can do, it is important to have a solid security solution that you can rely on. Godrej Security Solutions’ G-Scan is the ultimate scanning device that you can count on for complete protection.

GSCAN-9Z is a high performance nine zone walk through metal detector. Each detection zone functions as an independent detector and automatically increases discrimination by reducing the cumulative signal effect caused by distriouted harmless objects. ZONES

A full-height light bar displays the location of the detected metal masses in transit. This results in rapid identification of threat and a reduction of manual searches. LED bar-graph, indicator lamps, sensitivity and alarm controls are provided in the console at the top of the door frame. Only components of the highest quality and proven reliability are employed in the manufacture of GSCAN-9Z to ensure a long, trouble-free life. A mother board system with plug-in cards is employed for minimum down time and ease of serviceability.

GSCAN-9Z has been designed for fast installation and operation under all environments.

Long life LED Walk/Stop indicators are incorporated on top of the doorframe to regulate the

flow of traffic.

An Alarm Display Panel indicates the archway opening; it shows 9 separate detection zones

within the opening. Each of the detection zones is monitored individually and typically detects a metal mass the size of a weapon before alarming. This substantially negates the problem of small amounts of harmless metal, such as keys and coins, causing false alarm. Security personnel can see the location within the archway where a weapon sized object is being carried. If more than one weapon is carried the location of each is displayed.

GSCAN-9Z increases the throughput rate of people being screened. A decrease in false

alarms from harmless personal metal objects, couples with the ability to identify the location

of weapon sized objects both increases screening efficiency. Traffic flows faster and more

smoothly because of the lower incidence of false alarms. Also, when an alarm occurs the

security personnel can immediately target the suspect object. Screening speed, accuracy,

and quality of security are all enhanced.

The LCD “Intelligent Traffic Counter” uses infrared beams that are intercepted when someone passes through the door. The Intelligent Counter separately displays the number of people that have entered or exited through the detector. It also displays the algebraic sum of the people so that the number of people yet to exit from a location is known.

Technical Specifications


GSCAN-9Z uses an embedded microprocessor and features true multiole-zone performance. It combines unique multiple independent sensors with digital signal processing. A built-in display panel provides instant visual & audible indication.

System Throughput

The walk through metal detector accommodates a wide range of walk through transit speeds. Rapid automatic reset maximizes the system throughput rate to over thirty passes per minute. GSCAN-9Z series speed range provides consistent detection over a wide range of object transit speeds.

Interference Immunity

GSCAN-9Z series walk through type detector’s advanced design provides excellent interference rejection. Outside interference sources such as computers, fluorescent lights,

etc. have minimal impact, enabling the unit to operate in environments that render many detectors inoperable.

Multiple Operating Frequencies

The walk through metal detector provides eleven user selectable operating frequencies. They allow simultaneous operation of multiple units without interconnecting slaving cables.

Uniform Detection

The field of detection is uniform from top-to-bottom with no hot spots or dead spots. In situations where large amounts of steel re-bar exist in a support floor and cause a drop in

detection at ankle height; the loss can be compensated by adjusting the detector.


The walk through metal detector utilizes an embedded microprocessor that analyzes data generated by detection sensors. Whenever adjustments are made to any operating parameter they are automatically retained in memory. When detector is powered down the previously entered operating parameters are retained in memory.

System Security

Walk through metal detector is pass-code protected, a four digit pass code must be entered before operating parameters can be accessed and changed.


The GSCAN-9Z has been tastefully designed for easy blending into sophisticated decor. The detector assembly are sturdily constructed for stability and durability. The side panels are protected by aluminum alloy to provide optimum strength to the structure.


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