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Godrej Bomb Detection Solutions

Updated: Mar 17

In Godrej Security Solutions we the following :

1. Non Linear Junction Detectors (NLJD)

2. Dual/Triple Sensor Mine Detector

3. Hand Held Explosive Vapor Detector

4. Portable X-Ray Scanners

  1. Non Linear Junction Detectors (NLJD)

Lornet Star 08, 08S, 24, 36

  • Ground Breaking Technology with highly sensitive antenna

  • Interchangable Antenna Heads

  • Easy to maintain because of Modular Design

  • One of the most respected brands in the world of security

2. Dual/Triple Sensor Mine Detector

The GMD1200 / GMWD-1200 is a dual/triple sensor detector designed for the detection of explosive devices located at depths of 50 cm. This instrument functions on dual technology, ground penetrating radar (GPR) and metal detection (MD), and is simple to operate, providing its user with accurate position information of an object.

• Dual sensor type has GPR & MD while the triple sensor has in addition Wire/Cable Detection technology;

• Independent or simultaneous operation of both sensors;

• An embedded odometer;

• An audio and visual alarm signal;

• Selection between non-ferrous metals and iron;

• Visual display readable during day and night;

• Lightweight, portable, foldable design;

• Friendly interface;

• Operable with either hand.

• Applications of the GMD1200 / GMWD-1200 include:

• Detection of explosives in both metal and plastic casings;

• Location of cables and communication;

• Operable in soil, water and concrete and in all weather

3. Hand Held Explosive Vapor Detector

Principle of Working:

Drift Spectrometry – Free Ions Mobility in an alternating Electric Field. Non radioactive.


- Warm up time: no warm time

- Analysis: No more then 3 secs

• Substance detected: nitroglycerine (NG), EGDN, trinitrotoluene (tol, trotyl, TNT), PENT (tetranitrapentaerythrit, pentaerythrittetranitrate, Pentrit, PETN), hexogen (RDX), oktogen (HMX), tetryl (Tetril), three acetonethreeperoxide (Cyclethreeacetonethreeperoxide, TATP) nitrocellulose powders, engaging mixing explosives on their ground: Semtex and other plastic and elastic explosives on the basis of RDX, PENT or their combinations, Primacord,

Primasheet, Tetritol, Tritonal, Cordit N, -IX-1, -IX-2, -IX-20, octols*, ocfols* and some other mixing explosives

• Weight: 1.9kgs.

Sensitvity : 10-13 g/cm3

• Carbon Fibre Body which can withstand greater stress and protects against EMP.

• GPS and Radiation Detection (Optional)

4. Portable X Ray Baggage Scanner


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