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Godrej Blocking Bollards ( Electro Hydraulic & Electro Pneumatic )

Updated: Mar 17

With the increase in incidents of terrorism using uncontrolled vehicles which can cause serious damage to life and property there is a need to lay special emphasis on security checks at sensitive places. To combat this possible threat, with the objective of thwarting unauthorized vehicular access, Godrej Security Solutions brings to you - Blocking Bollards, a modern and innovative deterrent. Vehicles are brought to a complete halt by the hydraulic bollard with no penetration onto site or past the impacted face of the unit. A key feature ensures that all forward energy is absorbed at the front of the equipment on impact.

An example of German engineering excellence, this TESCON Security Systems product is

brought to you exclusively by Godrej Security Solutions.

Areas of Application:

Military areas e Embassies e Banks

Hotels e High security zones Heavy industries

Places of detention e Dams e Power stations

Airports & Temples

Technical Characteristics:

Electro-hydraulically / Electro-pneumatically operated

Single or multiple units in row with one common drive unit

Crash rating: 350 KN to 926 kN (7500 kg vehicle at 80 kph)

Standard blocking height above surface level: 600 / 700 / 800 / 1000 mm (as per requirement)

Diameter of Bollard: 220 mm & 275 mm

Loop detector provided for safety

Hand pump for manual operation in case of power failure

Design certified and physically crash tested as per PAS68 standards

Options Available:

Electro-Hydraulic Bollards

Electro-Pneumatic Bollards

Semi-Automatic (Gas spring) Bollards

Dummy / Fixed Bollards

Optional Features / Accessories:

Any RAL color / stainless steel - 304 bollards

Accumulator system for hydraulic operation in case of power failure

Traffic lights

Sump pump for drainage

Inbuilt LED lightning on top circumference of bollard

Long-Term Corrosion Protection:

All steel parts of the Bollards are especially galvanized and plastic coated (three surface layers - zinc plus 2 layers of plastic coating up to 260 microns).

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