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Godrej Bank Vault Accessories | Exhaust Fan & Ventilation

Updated: Mar 17

Exhaust Fan

• Dynamically balanced blades for even load on bearings, thereby, extending the fan life.

• Polyurethane coating enables the fans to resist corrosion against chemically charged atmosphere and saturated humid conditions.

• Conforms to IS specification 2312-1967.

Note: Rated voltage 230 V 50 c/s. AC for single phase fans * Suitable Relay starter having single phase protection device to be used to avoid burning of motor

· Subject to tolerances as laid in IS 2312/1967 (Revised)


  • Ventilation systems are designed considering the following factors:

  • Volume of the area where the ventilation is required.

  • Number of occupants and the type of their activities.

  • Heat gained by solar radiation and by any equipment used In the place where ventilation Is required.

  • Relative Humidity.

  • The range and level of outside temperature.

  • The required number of "Air Changes'.

  • The replacement of contaminated and stale air by fresh air is termed as 'Air Change'. The recommended number of Air Changes per hour for Banks / Vault Rooms is 6-10


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