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Godrej AutoVault

Updated: Jan 30

Godrej Security Solutions presents Autovault Automated Safe Deposit Lockers :The smart access anytime locker


When multiple customers visit the vault room at the same time, they are gripped by insecurities in the absence of seclusion. Customers deserve convenient access to their valuables in absolute privacy whenever they visit the vault room and offering round-the-clock access could be one way of giving patrons the privacy they desire.


Godrej Autovault, the automated safe deposit locker with next-generation technology, lets customers access their belongings at the swipe of a card anytime without any hassles. With no requirement of manual intervention, the Autovault has a compact, space-saving design and can be customized basis available space. It comes with software that supports multiple languages while non-moving lockers can be replaced with in-demand lockers even after installation.

Benefits to Bankers

An excellent tool for customer retention.

Does not need a custodian to operate the lockers.

No manual Intervention required.

A premium service that will lead to higher revenues on account of higher rent.

Highly compact in terms of locker to space ratio.

10differentlocker sizes to target diverse customer requirements.

Highly customizable lockers where non-moving lockers can be replaced with in-demand lockers even after installation.

Benefits to Customers

  • Round-the-clock access and quick retrieval times.

  • Access in pleasant air-conditioned booths to enhance convenience and privacy.

  • Customers can access their lockers simultaneously by provisioning for up to 4 separate booths thus cutting waiting time.

  • The locker comes to the customer in the booth minus the inconvenience of accessing the top and bottom row lockers.

  • Robotic technology provides high accuracy and reliability.


  • 10 locker sizes available

  • Modular design

  • Compatible with different types of safe deposit boxes

  • Flexibility in layout to maintain customer privacy and security

  • An option for incorporating a maximum of 4 operation booths for one system

  • Option of changing the safe deposit locker box size after installation for maximizing occupancy


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