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Godrej Appliances Vaccine Refrigerator

Updated: Jan 30

Godrej brings to you a range of advance and reliable medical freezers for COVID vaccine storage

  • GMF 125 ECO

  • GMF 200 ECO

So Now vaccines and waterpacks can be stored in ideal temperature for them to function optimally. Whether it is the sterile chill of a laboratory or harsh temperature of the tropics , these freezers have been compatible and customized perfectly for any medical marketplace


  • Uses D-shaped Copper Refrigerating Tube for more surface contact for large heat exchange area and high refrigeration efficiency.

  • Meets WHO PQS standards and is ISO & CE Certified - providing reliable performance.

  • Uses environment friendly 100% CFC, HFC and HCFC free R290 refrigerant, resulting in lower power consumption.

  • Microprocessor Based Controller : Comes with externally readable digital temperature display with audio visual alarm and 24 hours of logging.

  • Ideal for Tropical Temperature - Capable of operating continuously in ambient temperature of +43 °C.

  • Anti - Corrosive Cabinet : Epoxy Polyester (EPO) coated anti-corrosive galvanized steel exterior and stainless steel interior for greater durability.

  • Built-in intelligent electronic management system with Power And Compressor On / Off Alarm for early warning.

  • Thick insulation and foam pad cover minimises thermal shock and allows faster recoup during usage, compared to a conventional chest freezers.

  • Powered by Thermal Bank or Phase Change Material Technology, the unit maintains required temperature for more than 5 hours, even without power.

  • Easy Maintenance and higher serviceability with the refrigeration system placed outside the storage chamber

  • Voltage and Frequency : 220 – 240 50/60Hz

  • Fitted with Door locks for use

  • 2 years warranty


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