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Get your Warehouse Racks Certified for Stability | Godrej Storage Solutions

Updated: Jan 29

Is your Warehouse Racking System Safe and Stable?

Get your Warehouse Racks Certified for Stability by Godrej Storage Solutions

Warehouse rack safety audit improves your chances of preventing major warehouse damage that might lead to potential man or material loss. We at Godrej Storage Solutions, offer reliable rack safety audit to assess damage and help you safeguard your racks. Our audit is performed as per European standards by a competent team of experts. The audit report will help you address the identified risks and achieve maximum productivity in a safe environment.

  • Check intended use of racking

  • Identify components damaged by the impact of MHE, pallet or other objects

  • Identify rusted and corroded components that require immediate replacement

  • Audit the palletizing process and check for overloading

  • Check for Plumb and level of racks

  • Check for safe fastening of components

  • Assess deviation and deflection between beam, channel panels etc.

  • Calibrate the straightness of uprights

  • Ensure quality of rack protection accessories

  • Classify as damages, defects and risks and recommend actions to be implemented


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