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Genius Computer Tables | Godrej Interio

Updated: Mar 17

We are pleased to introduce the domestic version of Genius 207, Genius 208 Study Tables

Important Points:

The features and Benefits of the domestic variants remain the same as the erstwhile imported versions with a few additional points worth mentioning:

  • Strengthening of the construction by use of 17mm thick boards instead of 16mm earlier

  • Use of Melamine faced chipboard finishing for superior scratch hardness and stain resistance

  • Smooth opening of the desklet (refer to the video in Marketing Brief)

Genius Series products were a part of the set of products imported into India. Post the upheaval caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the supplies from abroad had become inconsistent and expensive

The Genius series has now been developed and is being manufactured in India to gain benefit of the shorter lead times.

The indigenized product is stronger with use of 17mm wooden boards and improved in fit and finish

Presenting to you the 3 new (equivalent) products of Genius Series

Genius 207 Ind Blue

Genius 207 Ind Cherry

Genius 208 Ind Walnut

Sturdy Construction: Genius Ind range has more strength as compared to the earlier version. Most of wood panels are made from 17mm thick panels as compared to 16mm thick earlier

Finishing: The construction is from Melamine faced Chipboard and hence the stain resistance and Scratch resistance is quite good as compared to products available from competition brands in the market

Smooth Opening: The opening of the study table panel is controlled well by the hardware mechanism, so that the opening is smooth and injury free. Refer to the video attached aside (the mechanism installation must be done correctly)


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