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Emerald Chair | Godrej Interio

Updated: Jan 17

Introducing the Emerald Chair, one of its kind from Godrej Interio. It exudes authority, the design of the chair makes it extremely elegant and regal. Designed for people of power. Emerald is the first launch of the upcoming GEM Range, and it truly stands up to its name.

Emerald Executive Chair with its segmented back symbolises attention to detail. The wide seat and armrest are designed to offer ample space and comfort during the long hours of work. The perfect chair for those are set to shape the future.

It is available in both Leather and Leatherette versions and a host of colour options in both.

The Target segment: Emerald is designed keeping in mind the needs of Government offices, best suited for high-ranking officials in all the offices across. PSU’s, Courts, SMEs are all the key segments for it.

Product Differentiators:

• The outer profile of the back and armrest is made voluminous to give robustness. The chair stands up to its name Emerald with its design that makes it highly durable.

• The seat and back surface are made soft and cushiony to give desired comfort for the user. The segmented back with individual soft padded upholstered cushion makes it plush.

• The wider seat and armrest in Emerald chair provide adequate comfort and room for the user at any posture adopted and of any stature. The large seat makes sitting for long hours effortless.

• The chair is equipped with CT mechanism where the users can lock the recline at upright position. The height can also be adjusted to accommodate all statures.

Godrej Interio Emerald is the first in our GEM series where each chair represents a GEM and its quality.

Emerald as the name suggests stands for tenacity and longevity. Emerald with its looks exudes power and authority.

As the myth goes Emerald was considered a prized jewel by Royal Families across the world and we assure that our Chair stands by its name and is designed for those with the love for precious things.

The Emerald Chair Range consists of:





As a part of our efforts to better support; all the NPI products now have the 3D files. The same are available and will be uploaded on the intranet.

To find out more about the key feature and benefits of this range, we are sharing with you the details of the product:


Need fulfilment of a robust and comfortable chair for the government segment for high ranking officials.

Gap for a premium chair with both leather and leatherette version missing from the product portfolio

Full Size leather/leatherette chair to compliment our desking suites.


  • Added comfort with wide seat and plush cushioning

  • Designed to be robust and durable just like its name

  • CT Mechanism with upright position lock


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