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Dias Sofa - Godrej Interio

Updated: Mar 17

“When home is your office, Dias is your home”

A contemporary living room solution for a casual work from home.

The Dias sofa is designed as a solution that meets work needs for multiple users at home. The sofa is primarily designed to make work from home more comfortable. The sofa

encourages one to explore a variety of work postures in different locations within the living room space. Two users get access to full desk space when in work mode and the

same become side tables while lounging, relaxing or TV binging.

The range consists of three modules bundled as one package.


A snug fit.

The bench and the mini seat nicely dock below the desk armrests. This keeps things well organized in the living room.

EXTRA Auxiliary Items

Waffle Lounge Chair and Shifty Table

Specifications :


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