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City Sofa Bed V2 | Godrej Interio

Updated: Jan 17

Introducing Godrej Interio City Sofabed V2 in syn leather in Charcoal shade which is much more than sofa bed. It can be termed as a bed with sofa with multifunctional and multi utility features designed to perform all living room activities and not only limited to sleeping and seating solution but also serves work from home needs for multiple users. Work zone, conversation zone, lounge zone, sleep zone, multi posture zone, TV binging zone, multi seating zone, gaming zone, study zone – all rolled into one to perform multiple activity in a space of 10 x 11.5 feet.

Product :

Available in charcoal shade in syn leather which matches with any décor with ease. The transformation for sofa to queen bed and vice versa is smooth, effortless without any noise and it requires a slight pull. Two cushions are an integral part of the sofa bed. The back cushion is mobile and can be used on sofa, bed or even floor. The wedge shape cushion is firm enough to support the body even in standalone position. The mattress is made of soft foam for superior sleeping comfort. The unique feature of this product is that there is an elaborate workspace for 2 people along with storage space between them – a complete space saving work from home solution.

Hence transform your home with City sofa bed - A contemporary living room solution for a casual work from home along with sleeping and seating solution


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