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Chrysalis Nova Activ Hospital Bed with Lateral Tilt | Godrej Interio

Updated: Jan 29

Godrej Interio Healthcare is pleased to introduce its new variant of Chrysalis Nova SeriesChrysalis Nova Activ Lateral Tilt

The Intelligent technology of this bed aids in the overall positioning of the bed, facilitates Lateral Tilt function at the press of a button, and has several easy to use features to ensure patient safety and comfort at all times. It is a Fully Motorized ICU Bed.

Chrysalis Nova Activ is the most technologically advanced healthcare bed in our product portfolio with key features such as:

·Lateral Tilt Syste

·Weight Assist

·Intelligent Safety Features

·Attendant Control Touch Panel

·Digital Angle Indicator

·Fall Prevention Side boards

·6 Embedded Control Panel & many more

Chrysalis Nova Activ, a premium version of Chrysalis is a range of fully motorized ICCU beds which is designed for highest degree of care for patients in the spectrum of Intensive Care to Post-Operative Care featuring Lateral Tilt. It is designed with Intelligent Sense features to create a Healing Environment for the patient with a special focus on Safety of the patient and Caregiver efficiency.

Providing care for immobile patients is challenging for the nurse as well as the patient himself. Chrysalis Nova Activ with its Lateral Tilt Feature, helps the caregiver to turn/move the patient with minimal effort thereby reducing physical effort and time. Benefits for the patient include – increased safety, hygiene and comfort.

Measuring Body weight of critically ill patients is challenging for the nurse/doctor. Chrysalis Nova Activ also features a Weight Assist System, helps the caregiver to weigh critically ill patients effectively and accurately (up to 100g). The weight measurement can be done effectively without moving the patient.

Chrysalis Nova Activ features total 6 integrated control panels with 2 patient control panels providing autonomy to the patient. The bed additionally has 4 separate control panels with locking mechanism for the nurse/caregiver to effectively manage patient positions.

Product Differentiation:

1. Lateral Tilt System

Figure : Attendant Control Touch (ACT)

The Attendant Control Touch (ACT) for the hospital and care segment is a control panel with an intuitive, graphical three-level user interface:

Care mode with bed operation for caregivers and relatives - The standard bed controls such as back rest, leg rest and HiLo may be operated in the care mode. Lights can also be turned on/off in this mode.

Extended care mode with extended bed operations and features for caregivers - The locking and unlocking of functions can only be performed in the extended care mode.

Service mode with advanced settings for the technicians.

Lateral Tilt Function Guide:

2. Weight Assist System

Figure : Weight Assist Display System

Can be accessed via ACT panel

Constant monitoring of body weight of critically ill patient is required in ICUs to determine the dose of medication. Weight measurement is critical to quantify treatments such as Haemodialysis and Haemofiltration

Chrysalis Nova Activ has a Weight Assist system which effectively measures weight (up to accuracy of 100g) of the patient wherever the patient sits on the bed. The load cells (weight measurement cells) are consistently distributed across the base of the bed, and consequently provide an accurate weight regardless of the patient’s position on the bed.

Auto compensation feature - With the patient already in the bed, this feature enables the staff to add or remove items from the bed - e.g. a pillow, without any influence on the weight of the patient.

To prevent patient fall, Weight Assist has a Bed exit alarm which alerts the staff when a patient attempts to get out of bed and ambulate unaided. Additionally, the alarm’s volume is adjustable

3.Patient autonomy and Caregiver efficiency

Integrated control panel in the sideboards for the patient provides autonomy to the patient and helps in early recovery.

Single touch Cardiac Chair position: The caregiver can quickly bring the bed to a chair/TV position with a single touch  Single Touch Shock Position: The shock position brings the bed to Trendelenburg angle. It is a treatment for shock or a test to evaluate the need for further fluid resuscitation in a critically ill person.

Single Touch CPR Position: In case of emergencies, the nurse can achieve the CPR position with a single touch

Single Touch Examination Position: The examination position brings the bed to its highest height of 775 mm making it easier for the doctor to examine the patient

4. Caregiver Focus

Integrated Caregiver control panel with locking mechanism provide highest degree of functionality to the nurse/ caregiver where he/she can lock certain functions of the bed at his/her discretion for the safety of the patient.  Manual CPR lever (1 on either side of the bed) helps the caregiver to bring the bed to CPR position in case of emergencies

5. Fall Prevention

Full coverage safety side boards provide increased patient safety and reduce chances of patient fall  Keeping the bed in low position is an important fall prevention intervention to ensure patient safety. Chrysalis Nova Plus has a lowest height of 425 mm allowing easy egress for the patient.  Under bed light helps access the distance of the floor from the bed, assisting easy egress/ingress of the patient in the dark. This aids in early mobilisation of intensive care patients

6. Entrapment Zones as per IEC- 60601-2-52 Norms

The unique design of Chrysalis inherently optimises these spaces between the structures, to ensure its complete alignment and compliance with Global Standards of patient care

Space between two sideboards

Space between sideboard and head / leg board

Gap between mattress and head / leg board

Gap between sideboard and mattress

Gap within the sideboard

Gap between side rail bottom and mattress

7. Auto Regression

Auto Regression (up to 155 mm) eases abdominal pressure when backrest is raised, preventing shearing of mattress surface with skin, and reducing risk of pressure ulcers.

8. Air Mattress Compatibility

Air mattresses allow for better blood circulation and pressure relief to the patient sleeping on it. The bed is compatible with air mattress, due to its increased height of sideboards

9. Value Added Features

Neoprene Bumpers provide excellent collision protection while manoeuvring the bed

Minimal Transfer Gap for easy patient transfer from bed to stretcher

Integrated Wire Winder for efficient wire management and clutter-free access

Integrated Linen Holder for the nurse to access clean linens easier and quicker

Integrated Bed Extender (up to 180 mm) to accommodate taller patients

Integrated Accessory Rails (4 no’s) provided to hold items like urine bag etc

Four Provisions for I.V stand

Provision for patient lifting pole/traction stand

Liquid ingress protection IPx4 -Splash proof integrated control panels

Leg Elevation on ratchet - Deep vein thrombosis position can be easily achieved using the leg elevation on ratchet

Clean Understructure: The bed under structure has high clearance of 150 mm to place any equipment below the bed easily

10. Infection Control

Hospital Acquired infections are those that the patients develop during the course of receiving healthcare treatment for other conditions. This is a major concern in developing countries like India. Chrysalis Nova Plus bed with the following features helps in controlling the bacterial exposure to the patient:

Headboard, Footboard and sideboards with antimicrobial property reducing the incidences of Hospital Acquired Infections

The lying surfaces are removable which helps in easier cleaning and maintaining hygiene

Removable Headboard and Footboard for easy maintenance of the bed

11. Maneuverability

Under bed clearance of 150 mm to place X ray equipment or any other patient monitoring equipment which go under the bed

Central and directional locking: The central and directional locking mechanism makes bed handling easier. Nurse can choose to lock/unlock movements of the bed

Twin wheel Castors – The robust and durable antistatic twin castors with central and directional locking provide unmatched ease of maneuvering

12. High safe Working Load

Tested for Safe working load up to 250 kg

Patient load capacity – 185 kg

13. World Class Standards

IEC 60601-1 Medical Electrical Equipment: General requirements for safety and essential performance.

IEC 60601-2-52 Medical Electrical Equipment: Particular requirements for safety and essential performance of medical beds.

IEC 60601-1-2 Electromagnetic compatibility. (Requirements & Tests)

IEC 60601-1-4 General Requirements for Safety: Programmable electrical medical systems.

ISO 14971 Medical Devices: Application of risk management to medical devices.

Chrysalis Nova Activ is functionally ideal for Intensive Cardiac Care Units and Trauma Care Units where highest degree of patient care is required.

It is therefore suitable for ICCUs, ICUs and Private Rooms / Dual Occupancy Rooms of High-end Private & Corporate Hospitals. It may also be suitable for ICCUs of Government owned Medical Research Institutes which seek to provide a sophisticated level of patient care.

Optional Accessories:

4 section Chrysalis Nova mattress

X ray permeable back

Battery Backup

Oxygen cylinder trolley

Patient lifting pole

Mattress Extender

Document Holder

Lite IV pole

Standard Accessories:

Infusion pole

Under Bed Light

E-Catalog Chrysalis Nova Activ
Download PDF • 2.80MB


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