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Centiguard FR Fire Resistant Safe Locker with Electronic Lock | Godrej Security Solutions

Updated: Jan 23

As a part of our continual product improvement endeavors, Godrej Security Solutions is launching Centigaurd safes with Electronic Lock variant.

The Centigaurd safes with Electronic Lock variant will be available in FR 560 and FR 1060.

The technical specification of the Electronic lock is as follows :

  1. The Electronic lock has LCD display which displays Date and time.

  2. The Electronic Lock is powered with 4 nos 1.5 V AA Alkaline Batteries.

  3. The Electronic lock can be operated with a User and Master Code.

  4. User code is available in 4-8 digit and can be programmed.

  5. Master code is 6 digit and can be programmed by the User.

  6. Manual Key override is provided.

  7. Over Display Audit Trail option is available for last 58 records.

  8. After 3 consecutive wrong codes it will give alarm for one minute.

  9. Low battery indication on display.


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