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Celestine Wall Unit V2 | Godrej Interio

Godrej Interio is introducing Celestine in new shade Walnut + Oak as feedback received from user validation survey. The new shade is similar to existing shade with more vibrancy which gels with any décor  in living space.


 Every living room of a home is a not only a showcase for dis­playing objects of high emotional value but also a space where one finds relaxation and bonding with family. With lots of photo frames and shelves displaying memoirs of achievements; the space is rich with emotional quotient.  An if in this space the Tv viewing is integrated, then the space becomes  more enriching  and enjoyable. 


Introducing Celestine V2   -  a  Wall  unit which provides excellent viewing experience with  concealed and open storage options and efficient wire management.  Available in  two tone Walnut+ Oak  shade – combination of light and dark shade , which provides an earthly tone and  gels with any surroundings,  this unit gives the entertainment zone  a refreshing and contemporary feel.  Glass shutter offers a sophisticated look  and concealed storage options makes the product for functional and personalized. Open shelves provides the option to display and showcase all artefacts, accolades  and cherished memories.


We have studied the needs of  introducing a  perfect Wall unit, which is a gap in our product portfolio  and talked to users to understand the aspirations of the Indian consumer. The Celestine unit V2 has a wooden finished wall panel that has a provision to mount the Flat screen TV and the wire cables can be well hidden behind it. The unit gives a warm look to the living area and hides the unwanted wire clutter thus enriching our TV viewing experience. TV size up to 45 inches can be accommodated in this unit.

Reasons for Introduction :

• To offer a solution for a superlative TV viewing experience coupled with unique option to showcase and display artefacts and memories

• Co-ordination with existing living room furniture in our range

• Filling of gaps in Wall unit in our product portfolio

• Market requirement as per our user feedback

• Differentiator in design from our competitors which will have an edge in the market

• Explore in two tone shade in wooden laminates

Material :

• All carcass panel are made of 18 mm prelaminated particle board with edge banding of 2mm

• Glass shutters are fitted with push to open fittings

• Shutters are made of 4 mm thick toughened glass

• Effective wire management -2nos

• Round PVC Legs Construction : Knock down

Finish :

• All 18 mm prelaminated particle board panels are in two tone brown shade

Packets :3 nos

Note : Optimal size of TV that can be accommodated : 45


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