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Camber Sofa Set | Godrej Interio

Updated: Jan 17


• Material : Half Leather Touch Point in pure leather and non touch point in

Syn leather

• Shade : Tan

Thickness : 1 mm

Frame :

• Material : Pine Wood

• Moisture content : 10 12 %

• Thickness of Plywood used : 12 mm & 18 mm

Seat Foam :

• Material : Slab stock

• Density : 30D Hr soft + 28D

Back Foam :

• Material : Slab stock

• Density : 23D SOFT + 23D SOFT + 30D HR

Head Rest :

• Material : Slab stock

• Density : 23D soft + 23D Soft

Webbing :

• Material : S spring + cross membrane

Legs :

• Material : SS

Features & Benefits

Pure leather upholstery Semi Aniline : Durable and ergonomically perfect for seating. The top grains of leather is clearly visible which adds to the aesthetics

Pine wood frame and plywood cross section at understructure : Longevity because of robust structure

S spring webbing with cross section : Provides bouncing back action for floating feeling

Curvilinear Soft foam at armrest and backrest : Superlative comfort with sinking feeling

Clean and symmetrical stitching lines : Evokes premiumness and sophistication

Adjustable headrest : High backrest which engulfs the entire body

Elevated from the ground : Ensures good ground clearance for cleaning

Benefits of Pure Leather Upholstery

• Leather stays cool in summer and warm in winter. This maintains a comfortable temperature which actually increases its elasticity Breathable

• No two hides are exactly same in same of aniline leather . Each hide has its own characteristics and different texture

• Leather has exceptional durability . Most experts rate the endurance of leather 4 to 5 times over fabric furniture coverings.

• Leather is extremely tear resistant and requires 400 lbs/181 kg of pressure to puncture

• Leather furniture is also burn resistant and does not require additional flame retardant treatments like those needed for upholstered materials.

• Leather does not crack or peel because it stretches and molds to the shape of the individual frame without sagging or losing form

• Leather is non allergenic, dust can easily be wiped away without the use of harsh chemicals.

• Leather ages gracefully with usage which is aesthetically more appealing .


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