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Bank - Safe Deposit Locker Cabinets (SDLC) Service Awareness by Godrej

Updated: Mar 11

1. In Case the customer loses the keys , the break open of Safe Deposit Lockers is mandatory and this should be done by logging a complaint to our company. Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co. Ltd has the most reliable and qualified technicians in this era around.

2. Once a Godrej make locker is surrendered by the existing renter, the bank should not interchange the locks as duplicate keys could be available with existing renter. Hence it is recommended that set of keys and levers of all surrendered lockers should be replaced with new unused set. This will ensure safety of lockers issued to new renter. As per new IBA guidelines, bank should educate customers about re-keying that is to be done, instead of going for interchange of lockers

3. For Enhanced Security, the locking mechanism in GODREJ make locker cabinets, Bank in consultation with the customer may upgrade the lock mechanism from elementary level based to more modern and secure Locks type such as Biometric Lock, Electronic Lock or Mechanical Multi Row Pin Cylinder Based Locks.

Godrej Accessories Available for the Benefit of the Customers

1. Secupro - an innovative watertight solution that meets customers’ needs. Designed to combat humidity, dampness, termites and silverfish, Secupro is an industry-first locker accessory that is completely waterproof and airtight.

2. Godrej can provide personal locks to the Customers if required.

3. Accessories like Inspection Tables, Step Ladders, Low Settee and Intellilight can be made available to the customers for their convenience in operating the safe Deposit Lockers.


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