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Automated Warehouses | Godrej Storage Solutions

Updated: Jan 21

Godrej Automated Smart Warehouse Systems include Automatic Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) - Stacker Cranes , Conveyors & RGV Rail Guided Vehicles

State-of-the-art automated equipment

Godrej Korber portfolio Our in-house engineers are product design and automation experts in mechanical, electrical and control technology. They oversee developing our own product portfolio to be integrated in any automated material handling or storage system. Our team controls every step of the process to guarantee optimal functionality and performance. Factory tests are conducted before shipping to ensure product reliability, verify technical operation, test paths and load stability, as well as check software integration. All products are built in accordance with safety standards and guidelines, and to provide easy handling and access to parts for maintenance, as well as optimized energy consumption and low noise level. As a product supplier, our vast experience has enabled us to enhance our portfolio by successfully designing equipment using cutting-edge technology: stacker cranes, miniloads, shuttles, automated guided vehicles, rail guided vehicles, conveyors, among others. All these products are entirely designed and assembled within our company, giving us an unsurpassed understanding of the core technologies. By constantly investing in specialized product design, we can assure flexibility, modularity and customization. No matter the load to be carried, container type, size or weight, we have the appropriate product to meet every customer´s specific requirements. Our products cover a wide range of loads divided in three main categories: Light Loads, Unit Loads and Heavy/ Oversized Loads.

Godrej Koerber Supply Chain Ltd. is pioneer and leader in offering automated intra-logistics solutions. Our success has been shaped to a large extent by our satisfied customers and acceptability of automated intra-logistics solutions in Indian Industry. Our solution offerings extend both to the Manufacturing Intra-logistics and Distribution Intra-logistics domain.

Stacker Cranes

Fully control the storage of your goods Stacker Cranes are automated machines that perform the storage and retrieval of goods while working within the racking system. We design our Stacker Cranes to allow full control of your warehouse activities ensuring error-free, smooth, fast and safe storage and retrieval operations. Our own portfolio is developed to meet the market´s latest requirements for flexibility, energy efficiency, reliability and performance. By specifically selecting their design characteristics, we ensure that our extensive range of Stacker Cranes can operate with diverse loads upto 6,000kg in ASRS or Miniload systems, arranged in single or multiple deep storage configurations. They may reach up to 45m high storage locations and achieve desired throughputs. This equipment can also be designed to operate in special working conditions, such as freezing, high humidity and clean or harsh environments.

Main configurable characteristics:

Storage configuration: single, double or multiple deep;

System configuration: one stacker cranes per aisle or aisle switching curving stacker cranes or stacker crane with transfer car;

Type of handled load units: pallets, containers, totes, cartons, frames…;

Number of load handling devices;

Load capacity: total weight;

Stacker crane type: single or double mast;

Maximum operating height;

Stacker crane performance;

Working conditions.


Plan your handling solution smartly

Conveyors are the key to ensuring a fast, efficient and accurate transportation of goods between all your operational areas. Depending on what you are conveying, be it light loads or unit loads, we have the appropriate technology to offer. Moreover, we are not only delivering the standardized load handling products but also able to customize our equipment according to your specific needs. Our engineers evaluate the characteristics of the goods, the material flow diagrams and the required performance. After this analysis, they will determine which of our solutions best suits your requirements. Main configurable characteristics:


Type of handled load units: pallets, containers, totes, cartons, reels…;

Load capacity: total weight;

Working conditions.

  1. Unit Load

An Automated Handling System that improves your productivity In the range of unit loads, where palletized loads or containers are most commonly found, we have developed an extensive range of equipment such as, among others:

Motorized roller conveyors;

Multi-track chain conveyors;

Orthogonal transfer tables; Turning tables;

Pivoting tables; Lifting tables;

Drop-off points for ground level handling equipment;

Gravity conveyors.

Within the unit load range, we provide an additional extensive range of auxiliary equipment to complete your conveying solution:

Shuttle cars: double or single and with different handling units;

Self-supported elevators;


Empty pallet dispensers;

Pallet Stackers;

Pallet quality control stations;

Load control, identification and labelling stations;

Truck loading/unloading systems.

2. Light Loads

A quick, accurate and efficient Handling System for your products Our product portfolio for light loads includes several equipment which allows the transportation and sorting of different goods (cartons, totes, packages, trays…):

Main configurable characteristics:

Drive roller conveyors

Motorized belt/roller straight conveyors and curves;

Multi-track timing belt conveyors;

Zero pressure articulated belt conveyors;

Horizontal divert/merge elements (e.g. pop-ups, pushers, deflectors, transfer tables, articulated roller belt transfer tables…);

Vertical divert/merge elements;

Self-supported elevators;

Gravity conveyors;

Truck loading/unloading extendable conveyors.

RGV : Rail Guided Vehicle System

Connect very distant points in a smooth, fast and efficient way The Rail Guided Vehicle System is based on intelligent, high-speed and floored rail guided vehicles fitted for a wide range of load handling applications. This technology is an efficient, cost-effective and fast option for complex sorting applications or connecting very distant points. It is also an interesting alternative to long conveyor lines when the load handling units are not standardized. Our system is formed by the Rail Guided Vehicles (RGVs) and their floor-fixed track rail (including running rails, rail switching devices, lifts and maintenance areas, among others). In addition, we may provide specific elements (i.e. fences, access controls or light barriers) that are required to ensure a completely safe working environment for operators. No matter how complex the transport route, thanks to our modular and flexible design, smooth and constant transportation is always guaranteed. Redundancy is also a key factor of this handling solution, as all RGVs within the system are interchangeable.

Main configurable characteristics:

RGV system performance;

Type of handled load units: pallets, containers, totes, cartons, frames…;

Number and type of load handling devices;

Load capacity: total weight;

Working conditions.


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