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ASTRA Genesys Bedroom Set | Godrej Interio

Updated: Mar 17

Astra's design theme is centred around classical, traditional forms with a new twist. The forms are centred around and inspired from the 'Diya' motif. The floating, diamond-shaped foil piece in the middle of the design that catches the eye, represents the warm, mesmerising flame.

The sturdy box structure design of the headboard offers the user a ledge to place personal accessories or display their prized possessions.

Astra bed set comes with a drawer-type storage which is divided into 3 compartments for convenient access to the storage underneath.

Bedside Table and Dressers

-- All Bedside Tables & Dresser Units are common across multiple Models in Genesys.

Hence, they are named as Genesys Bedside Tables and Genesys Dresser

-- There are 2 variants of Bedside tables and dressers – Premium and Regular

Genesys Premium Bedside Table and Genesys Premium Dresser have Membrane Foil facia

(Regular) Genesys Bedside Table and Genesys Dresser have plain facia


-- There are some 2-doors and 3-doors wardrobes that are common across multiple Genesys models.

They are named as Genesys 2-door wardrobe and Genesys 3-door wardrobe

Mirror - Also, there will be a variant in 2-door and 3-door wardrobe having mirror as well. Their LN Codes will be different

-- Model specific wardrobes will have the name of the model instead of Genesys. For example: Astra 3-Doors Wardrobe


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