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Archipelago Sofa | Godrej Interio

Updated: Jan 22

Godrej Interio Archipelago Script Work From Home Sofa with Desk is an apt solution for work from home activity. The word archipelago means a group of islands closely scattered in a body of water. The analogy here is that the group of islands represents “4 product range ” and body of water represents ––“ The range is a small ecosystem that looks good, has small foot print, blends well with its environment and supports multiple postures for a casual work at home. The range looks beautiful both in living room and bedroom.

• Do not sit or allow kids to sit on desk arm to avoid product damage.

• The desk arm is designed to carry a uniformly distributed load on its entire surface to a maximum capacity of 12kg. To be used for objects like laptop, books, coffee mug, plates etc. Avoid placing very heavy objects.

• Putting bodyweight or concentrated pressure on the desk arm will lead to product damage.

• Do not apply forced pressure or hold the desk arm to get in and out of the sofa.

• The desk arm can bear a maximum of 2 kg concentrated load on the extreme cantilever at the outer edge of the desk.

• Work desk is heavy to prevent toppling. However if intentionally pushed then there is a chance of toppling. Should be mindful while using this product with children.

• Back cushion is made of two parts One with conjugated fiber and the other with wedge shaped foam. User can use the loose back cushion based on the need of the firmness in back. By default the back cushion should be placed facing soft fibers towards user’s back.

• Since the back is filled with loose fibre there will be a tendency of upholstery causing wrinkles, however this can be tidied by general patting.


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