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Altius Lite Industrial Shelving System | Godrej Storage Solutions

Updated: Jan 21

Godrej Altius Lite Industrial shelving range for warehouses is based on our panel design configuration. The system is designed to handle light to medium SKUs up to 350 KG per level which can either be in stored in bins, cartons or directly. Our wide profile of upright enable us to create a strong and sturdy storage system thereby increasing the storage efficiency by utilizing vertical space.

  • A combination of 12 variants of Uprights

  • Galvanized panels to handle load up to 350 kg UDL

  • Compact design

  • Component level safety integration to enhance material and operator safety

  • Easy and quick installation with optimized design


Modularity through a wide range of components Flexibility to be configured to any size best suited to the available height and layout. Design capability to offer the most effective solution for any load / dimensions (SKUs). Optimized for effective cubic space utilization Optimized design ensures material and operator safety Designed to deliver unmatched aesthetics Designed to comply with FM global norms for fire safety Comprehensive range of accessories to facilitate storage of any type of SKU

GODREJ ALTIUS is the best shelving system that brings maximum value to our customer’s business. Our systems ensure a safe work environment with an improved operator and material safety. Our shelving systems are ergonomically designed to provide the most comfortable working environment for warehouse operators. This range while ensuring the highest levels of functionality also focuses on aesthetics thereby creating a vibrant workspace. We have also consciously worked upon reducing project turnaround time by optimizing the design and simplifying installation efforts. Our range of uprights is strengthened to offer the best solution to our customer’s need. Our twin top step beam profile (patented) creates a safe storage for your SKUs and increases the cubic space utilization. Our multi-tier systems are designed to be integrated with conveyors, fire safety etc., to create an efficient and safe warehousing experience. Our wide range of accessories caters to specific needs of different segments thereby creating an effective storage system. GODREJ ALTIUS is designed to build an ideal warehouse that offers a safe, hygienic and vibrant environment.


Our solutions are highly customizable to any requirement SKU type, SKU quantity, rotation frequency, man power and many other factors are considered to design the suitable using our wide portfolio of HDS support accessories

Material Access :

A good shelving system is only as good as the ease of material access, our team of engineers have designed various material access accessories to enable the best shelving experience Our design are inline with EN regulations while also consider ergonomic factors to enable a safe and effortless storage and retrieval operation, thereby improving warehouse throughput

Decking is an integral part of a shelving structure it creates an infill between beams to store SKU of various dimensions Based on the type and dimensions of SKUs various, we offer a wide variety of decking panels to suit the need Choosing the right type of decking is important to meeting your storage needs

Different decking type will have its own maximum weight load capacity Apart from the load factor, we also consider durability, ventilation, fire safety etc while designing your storage system Our decking options offer extra flexibility for warehouses with various size, type and weight bearing loads

Walkway Panels

Multitier shelving system increases the storage capacity of your warehouse or manufacturing facility by utilizing vertical space We offer a wide variety of walkways and accessories creating an extensive range of solutions to meet our customer needs Our walkways are carefully designed to be integrated with conveyors, lights, sprinklers, handrails, and more to provide a safety and efficient storage system

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