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Aksh Hospital Bed | Godrej Interio

Godrej Interio Healthcare is pleased to introduce its new range of value engineered manual ward beds - Aksh Range, targeted at standalone Pvt. Hospitals and Govt. Istitutions looking for a budget option. 

Aksh is a platform-based range of hospital bed that focuses on offering client specific configuration ‘Buy what you need’ for varying needs of different hospital environments. 

These beds can be customised to perfectly balance the needs of your patients and caregivers with 4 Levels of customization. The range offers excellent value for money for healthcare institutions looking at large scale expansion to meet the growing demand for good and responsible healthcare infrastructure.

The beds are designed keeping Indian clients in mind who needs flexibility and specific to their need’s configuration. It is achieved by a unique flexible platform configuration offering 7 standard SKUs and a vast range of 36+ SKUs considering APO configurations.


Available in Fowler, Semi-fowler & Sheet bed configuration.

Godrej Interio is proud to present the innovative Aksh Range of Hospital Beds. These beds can be customised to perfectly balance the needs of your patients and caregivers. And the range offers excellent value for money for healthcare institutions looking at large scale expansion to meet the growing demand for good and responsible healthcare infrastructure.

Different spaces in hospitals need different kinds of beds. The Aksh Range offers 3 platforms withunique functionalities.

  1. Fowler Bed :

Comes with adjustable backrest and knee rest, offering comfort to patient and ease of work to the caregiver. Ideal in the early period of recovery.

2. Semi Fowler Bed :

Comes with adjustable backrest, supports the patient to sit up. Recommended in later stages of recovery.

3. Sheet Bed :

This is a simple bed, facilitating care in the initial phases of admission, and supports long periods of convalescence.

Every hospital has its own set of patient and caregiver needs. At Godrej Interio, we understand the nuances of healthcare spaces and constantly strive to provide hospital beds that will meet these special needs. The Aksh Bed seeks to offer the hospitals multiple options to ensure you get the bed that you want. From a choice of platforms to headboard finishes to railings… you get to pick them all.


As healthcare facilities expand, hospital beds are one of the most integral elements of this growing medical infrastructure. Given the large volume they are required in, keeping them cost effective is an important aspect of hospital administration. The Aksh Range of hospital beds is an innovative concept where a choice of material, type and design is available with all the three bed platforms. This gives you a lot more to choose from and make the right atch of functionality and aesthetics that fits well into your budget. Here is a look at all that you can pick from.

Manual operated cranks

Fowler bed comes with 2 manual operated cranks for adjusting the backrest and kneerest.

Semi-fowler bed comes with one crank for backrest adjustment.

Sheet bed comes as a plain bed and is crank-less.

Headboard / Footboard

Available in wood, metal and PP plastic. Wood offers a warm feel, metal allows for hygiene and easy maintenance, and PP blow-moulded plastic gives your space a contemporary feel.

Siderail protection

Options include the horizontal metal bars and ladder metal railings. Both can be lowered for

easier patient ingress and egress.


Legs with castors offer mobility. These are 125 mm in diameter, single-wheel diagonal locking castors – smooth rolling and durable. In areas where there is no need for moving the beds around, leg shoes offer a neat streamlined appearance.

Here is a look at the various combinations that can be achieved with the many options available. Review this showcase to better understand how the product will finally look. We are sure this display will make it easier for you to decide which bed type you would like for the different zones of your healthcare setup.

Variants :

Benefits of Aksh Range : Customizations

Patient safety

Optimal Hygiene

Compliant to International Standards

Range of finishes and functionalities

Ease of Maneuverability :

The single wheel diagonal locking mechanism makes bed handling easier. Nurse can choose to lock/unlock movements of the bed

Leg Shoes :

Alternatively, leg shoe option is also available for static requirement.

Leg Elevation Position

Simple operation to achieve leg elevation on ratchet in case of DVT.

Urine bag holder

MS hooks have been provided as urine bag holders on either side of bed, for ease of


Easy to clean Lying surfaces

The metal lying surface is easy to clean and maintains high hygiene standards High Hygiene

Removable Headboard/Footboard

The headboard and footboard of the bed can easily be removed for emergency or cleaning purposes

Technical Specifications :

World Class Standards

IEC 60601 2 52

Medical Electrical Equipment: Particular requirements for safety and essential performance of medical beds.

ISO 14971

Medical Devices: Application of risk management to medical devices.

ISO 13485:2016

Medical Devices: Quality Management Systems Requirements for regulatory purposes.



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