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Acura - New Godrej Healthcare Range

Updated: Mar 17

Flexible. Customizable. Upgradable : Beds for modern healing spaces.

The making of Acura

To understand the nature of 'care', Godrej Interio's Healthcare team has conducted a deep-dive andimmersive research to understand the Indian consumer – his expectations, challenges & overall psyche.

A platform-based range of hospital beds, Acura is designed to offer care, comfort and ease of operation at every stage. This range gives you 'Buy what you need' options for varying needs of different hospital environments.

Configured to your needs

Allows you to choose from a menu of options to configure bed according to your needs.

Bed Upgrades: Now Onsite & Easy

Acura beds come with the flexibility of converting manual functions to motorized ones with help of retrofit electronics kit on-site without making any structural changes in the bed. With this retrofit electronic kit, the manual functions of Back Rest, Leg Rest & Height Adjustment can be motorized at site in a few hours, thereby minimizing downtime, customer spend and associated environmental impact.

A more efficient product lifecycle

No reworks, no replacements. Acura offers the customer a financially more attractive solution to shift from manual to motorised. This solution will eliminate entire process of new product replacement; while saving on manufacturing, transportation and installment resources.

Range of finishes & functionalities

From the initial choice of finishes to a range of functionalities, Acura is designed to give you choice. The result is a bed that can adapt to the needs of an expanding healthcare facility across years.

An example of Innovation in design engineering

Godrej Interio designers and engineers have created a new high performance adaptive bed platform, led by innovation in design engineering and implementation processes. The onsite upgradability feature in Acura has been patented.

3 unique platforms 4 varieties of sideboard configurations - Onsite upgradability from manual to motorised

What makes the Acura 'Manual to Motorised' Range unique is the facility provided in the bed frame to shift from the manual crank adjustment to motorized adjustments, easily and quickly, onsite. This product range provides you a wide choice of hospital beds, that offer upgrade features making it the preferred choice for fast growing healthcare spaces.

World Class Standards & Certifications

Patent No. 202021004945

IEC 60601-1 Medical Electrical Equipment: General requirements for safety and essential performance.

IEC 60601-2-52 Medical Electrical Equipment: Particular requirements for safety and essential performance of medical beds.

IEC 60601-1-2 Electromagnetic compatibility. (Requirements & Tests)

IEC 60601-1-4 General Requirements for Safety: Programmable electrical medical systems.

ISO 14971 Medical Devices: Application of risk management to medical devices.

ISO 13485:2016 Medical Devices: Quality Management Systems - Requirements for regulatory purposes.


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