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Godrej Phone Booth Cue Woklounge Furniture

Create a unique silent workspace with Godrej Interio's Phone Booth Furniture that is equipped with MDF Structure and Foam Padding for complete silence while on the phone.



Panel & Roof Understructure is made up of combination of 25mm & 18 mm thk MDF block.The Bare MDF structure is covered with 5mm M.D.F sheet to provide a backing surface for foam padding. 

The Panel structure is covered with PU foam of 60 kg/m3 density all around to get a soft touch and feel. 

The Roof and Panels consist of upholstered stitched covers made up of 230±20 GSM polyester fabric. 

Top is made up of 25±1.5mm thk (25mm MDF OSR As per IS 12406 + 0.4mm Membrane Foil). 

It is made up of 18±0.15mm thk PLB with White Laminate on the front and brown laminate on the rear side with 0.8mm Lipping on all 4 Sides. 

The Booth is equipped with L.E.D Light with motion sensor. 

CUE is our high performing collaborative furniture that can be configured in huddle rooms, breakout area seating in open office designs, video-Conferencing modules for focused discussions and immerse zones for undisturbed meetings. With a full collection of flexible and comfortable pieces that work seamlessly together, our unique workspace furniture takes the traditional office, virtual or face-to-face meeting to a new, innovative level. We have the modern office furniture designs for today’s agile office spaces! Also a soundproof Phone Booth can be integrated within!


A COMPLETE RANGE of work lounge furniture configured  to create co-working spaces of different privacy levels.

Offering spanning the work-lounge zone and user  activities (focused work to collaborative) with variety  ranging from open Layout Cluster Seating to Meeting  Enclosures


Godrej Cue Phone Booth

SKU: 56112105SD00249
  • Dimension 

    Height : 2100mm x Width : 1025mm x Depth : 965mm


    1 Year

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