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Godrej Defender Prime Neutronics 61" Inch

The House of Godrej presents to you the next big thing in the physical security space - Godrej Defender Prime Neutronics. Taking a giant leap from the safes of the past, Defender Prime Neutronics is the Next Gen ‘Intelligent’ safe that provides advanced technological features over and above its time-tested physical strength. Built to Deter, Detect, Delay, Defend, and Deny, the Defender Prime Neutronics safe uses Advanced Technology to secure and defend itself against the most intense forms of modern day attacks. This intelligent safe can easily sense a threat and alert you, while defending itself with in-built technological reinforcements. With a legacy of over 115 years, we are the oldest and largest Safe Manufacturer in India. Known for our innovations in the security solutions space, we have designed offerings that are capable of withstanding ever-evolving modern day security threats.





In the event of a burglary attempt, the safe is equipped to trigger a local alarm via a hooter and sends an alert to up to eight registered phone numbers


Sends a silent alarm to registered users in the event of a distress situation, only applicable for safes with electronic or biometric lock. ( Optional Add On Feature ) 

Torch and Tool Resistant*

Provides resistance to combat modern day torch and tool attacks

Automatic Relocking Device

Sets the safe into a deadlock in the event of an attack on the lock. This ensures the safe is unaffected

High Precision Locks

8-lever dual-control brass locks offer high number of combinations. These locks offer massive resistance against pilferage

Double Duty Barrier

Provides resistance against burglary attacks and renders the safe fire-resistant

Robust Construction

Two-step door and frame construction for higher resistance against ?re and burglary

Ease in Transportation

Lift-off hinges door construction which facilitates removal of door for ease in transportation and in service

Certified Fire Resistance

Class C safes have successfully withstood the one-hour fire resistance test carried out at C.B.R.I., Roorkee, India.

BIS Certified

Tested as per BIS standard IS 550:2014

Godrej Defender Prime Neutronics 61" Inch

SKU: 46171506SD00636
  • External Dimensions (mm) HxWxD


    Internal Dimensions (mm) HxWxD 


    Volume (ltrs)




    Combination Lock Provision

    Optional (Add on)

    Locking Bolts (front + rear)


    Shelf (adjustable)


    Drawers (in nos)



    1 Year

    Country of Origin


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