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Godrej Aeolus Laboratory Fumehood

The Godrej Interio Aeolus Neu Laboratory Fume Hood has been conceptualised keeping people safety and health at the centre design thinking. From Laminar airflow that is known to reduce turbulence within the Fume Hood, to carefully angled and positioned baffles that draw contaminants away from the operator's breathing zone to the control panel that sits on the outside - Aeolus Neu Fume Hood is designed for a better lab experience.


Real life airflow simulation

Aeolus is designed based on outcomes of advanced COMPUTATIONAL FLUID DYNAMICS (CFD) analysis that simulated actual working conditions helping to analyze their effects on airflow patterns and subsequent fume containment.

World class airflow engineering

1.For ABP and LCV: A fully air assisted & Internal vortex control improves containment near the sash opening by increasing the velocity of fresh air. 2)Aerodynamic Sash Terminator and Handle: A gentle airlift by 6-degree in the aerofoil improves the containment considerably. 3) For LCV: Outer elephant tusk deflector at face level has ensured containment by increasing the airflow into the hood. 4) The gradual slope of the inner deflector vane assists the incoming fresh air to control the internal turbulence.

Reduced Air Turbulence

This system is based upon meticulous detailing of each individual part of the sash, facilitating effective exhaust of fumes of all densities thus reducing concentration of chemical contaminants throughout the work area particulaly near operator's breathing zone and at the work surface.

High efficient fume containment

The inner design of Aeolus facilitates efficient exhaust of Light, Medium and Dense fumes for maximum user safety. Low density fumes are exhausted via the opening at the top of the baffle over the top liner. Medium density fumes are exhausted through the openings at the mid-height of the baffle. High density fumes are swept effectively across the worktop and guided by the opening at the bottom of the baffle.

Service controls outside the fume hood

Highly reliable connectors used with international sockets.FRLS cables used throughout, protecting the electrical cables and any leakages in the current, minimizing the damage.


Note : Ducting and Blowers will be at additional cost as per site survery


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Godrej Aeolus Laboratory Fumehood

  • Dimensions W x H x D (cm)

    1200Wx900Dx2350H ( Version : Benctop )

    Finish Color

    Multiple Color Options


    ASHRAE 110; EN 14175 ( 1-3)

    Delivery Condition



    1 Year

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