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Godrej Fitness Sorter GS 2PX Currency Counter and Sorter

Godrej Security Solutions Currency 1 + 1 Pocket Sorter , Presenting an intelligent and reliable Currency Sorting Machine - The Godrej Fitness Sorter GS-2PX. Its Dual Image Processing Technology identies counterfeit notes and recognises different currency denominations. A modern design with a fully graphic LCD and user-friendly interface, assures a more comfortable and eficient working environment for its users. The reject pocket allows the user to perform daily cash-process without any interruptions. Suspect, counterfeit and unrecognised notes are automatically diverted to the reject pocket, assuring continuous operation.


Features : 

• Full fitness sorting Detects notes with grafti or which are taped, soiled, torn, missing corners, have holes etc.

• Enhanced counterfeit detector Equipped with Magnetic sensor, UV sensor and IR sensor

• User friendly interface Easy menu and setting

• Various operation modes Mixed/ Single/ Face/ Orient/ Count/ Fitness/ OCR

• Easy upgrade All upgradations can be done using USB memory

• Large graphic LCD Screen which can display more information at once


Godrej Fitness Sorter GS 2PX Currency Counter and Sorter

SKU: 44102501SD00025
  • Size (w x d x h) (in mm)

    312 x 321 x 289

    No. of pockets

    1 + 1 (reject)

    Stacker capacity

    Max. 200 notes

    Display type

    240 x 144 graphic LCD (Dot)

    Currencies available

    1 (available up to 3)

    Banknote thickness range  (in mm)

    0.08 ~ 0.12

    Preset Batch number

    1 – 200

    Power requirements

    100~240 VAC, 50-60 Hz

    Operational requirements

    10 to 40 deg C / 0 to 85 RH

    Weight (approx.) (in kg)


    Hopper capacity

    500 notes

    Reject Pocket capacity

    Max. 100 notes

    Connectivity Interfaces

    2 RS232C port (9 pin D-SUB & modular jack) and 2 USB  (type A & type B)

    Banknote size range (in mm)

    W: 100 ~ 185, H: 60 ~ 90

    Counting speed (approx.)

    700 / 1200 Notes/min

    Discrimination mode

    Mixed/ Single/ Face/ Orient/Count/ Fitness/OCR

    Counterfeit detection

    MG, UV, IR

    Power consumption

    Standby 13 W; Operation: 120 W


    1 Year

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