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Godrej Centiguard Fire Resistant Safe 1060

Godrej Secuirty Solutions Centiguard ]FR 1060 2KL


Many home lockers protect adequately against burglary; but will your important documents be secure if there’s a fire? The patented in-fill materials in Centiguard can withstand even the most intense fire and keep your documents safe and secure. Designed to protect paper documents from fire up to 120 minutes.


Features : 


• Withstands the most intense fires for upto 120 Mins

• Tested and Certified for Fire Resistance at international Laboratories - RISE, Sweden

• 2 unique keys to unlock 2 unique locks are required to access the valuables

• Tongue and groove construction prevent hot gases and smoke from seeping in

• Lockable drawer

• Powder coated finish


Fire Resistant

Your important documents will remain safe from fire. The patented in-fill materials make them extremely fire-resistant.Note: This product is for protection of paper documents from fire only

Ceritified and Tested (60)

Certified for Fire Resistance at international Laboratories - RISE, Sweden and can protect your documents from fire for up to 60 minutes.

Dual Key Lock

This locker requires both keys to unlock the safe adding that extra bit of security for your valuables

Tongue and Groove Construction

The special construction prevents hot gases and smoke from seeping into the locker making sure your documents are extremely safe and secure.



Godrej Centiguard FR 1060 2 KL Fire Resistant Safe

SKU: 46171591SD00280
₹80,499.00 Regular Price
₹75,669.06Sale Price
  • Centiguard 1060

    Dimension in cm (H X W X D) : 125.4 X 58 X 58.7

    Weight (kg) : 236

    Capacity (L) : 169

    Other Specifications

    Lock Type : Manual

    Locker Type : Mechanical

    Fire Resistance : 120 Minutes

    Intelligence : Basic

    Strength : Pro

    Double Wall : Yes

    Warranty : 1 Year 

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