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IC 90 S Celfrost Ice Machine with self contained bin (95 kgs/24hrs)

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• IC 90 S Celfrost Ice Machine with self contained bin (95 kgs/24hrs)


Celfrost Ice Machines are best-in-class manufacturing, a wide variety of ice production and storage capacities, reliability and an extensive sales and service network. Available in a wide range - Ice Cubes and Flake Ice Machines in capacities varying from 20 kg to 1150 kg per day. Made in Italy, They produce gourmet ice cubes with no hole that is thimble shaped, transparent and slow melting. Round ice cubes enhance the flavour of all drinks; have a greater eye-appeal and extend the chilling effect for a longer period of time. Our innovative, food-safe AgION® antimicrobial compound is permanently integrated into essential food-zones thereby providing the necessary sanitation.

Simple to use and maintain. Celfrost Ice Maker is simple to use, long-lasting and quite easy to maintain. The machines are designed to automatically turn off when the storage bin is full, thus saving on energy Savings.


Few important things for an Ice Machine

» Basic Requirement :

• Purified Drinking Water as this is important for your customers and Ice Machine too

• Minimum 2 bar ( max 4 bar ) of Inlet Water Pressure Supplied Continuously

• Proper Ventilation around Ice Machine

• Timely Cleaning of Condenser Filter

• Proper Drainage for Water

» Few Facts :

• The capacity shown is under rated condition when Inlet water is 12*C and ambient is 22*C

• In Case above parameters differs the actual production will be less than the rated capacity

• The Harvesting time for a cycle is 30 to 45 minutes. It will depend on inlet water temperature.

• Higher the Inlet water temperature, more is production time


Getting the most out of your ice machine:

• For best performance in air-cooled machines, please allow for a minimum of 15 cm on both sides of the machine for air to circulate freely.

• Please also reserve enough space at the back of the machine for electrical and water connections.

• Please provide good quality potable water at the inlet of the ice machine. This will result in crystal clear, eye catching ice cubes and prevent the ice machine from accumulating scale.

• The cooler the temperature of the inlet water, the better would be the ice production efficiency of the machine.

• Do not install the ice maker near any heat source as it may impact the production capacity of the ice machine.

Celfrost IC 90 S Ice Machine

SKU: IC 90 S
  • IC 90 S Celfrost Ice Machine with self contained bin (95 kgs/24hrs)

    Rated Capacity : 95 Kg / 24 hrs*

    Ice Shape : Dice 28x22x22 mm

    BIN Capacity : 36 Kg

    Stainless Steel Body

    Dimension : 26x27x37 ( WxDxH in inches )

    Input Power : 580 W

    LED Light Inside

    Warranty : 1 Year

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