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Godrej Secreto Electronic Safe


Brand : Godrej Security Solutions


Install this safe locker from Godrej against your bedroom wall or set it up on the floor and you have yourself a secure place to store your valuables. It features a digital locking mechanism and can only be opened with a password. In case of consecutive failed password attempts, this safe automatically locks itself.

Product Description

If you are looking for a safe that can be used as a drawer and fitted into your wardrobe or desk, look no further. The Godrej Secreto Safe is a digital locker that comes with multiple security features, like hidden password entry, motorized bolts, and a telescopic slide for improved protection.

Digital Locking Mechanism with Mechanical Override

Set your own master password on the push-button keypad. You can also set other 3 to 6 digit passwords for other users in case multiple users need to use this locker. If you forget the password, then use the mechanical override to open this Godrej locker.

Security Features

You have the option to hide the password to prevent anyone else from seeing it when you type it in. To ensure that no one can open the locker using physical force, there are motorized shooting bolts that keep the safe door shut. If the incorrect password is entered multiple times consecutively, this Godrej Secreto locker automatically locks itself all thanks to the Auto-freeze feature. Apart from these features, this locker has non-volatile memory that prevents password erasure even if the battery dies.

Value-added Features

This Godrej locker has telescopic slides for better access to the innermost part of the safe. There is also the low battery indicator to let you know when to change it.

Godrej Secreto Electronic Safe

SKU: 46171591SD00039
₹12,999.00 Regular Price
₹12,219.06Sale Price
  • Volume

    36 L

    Dimensions(in cm)



    12 kg


    1 Year

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