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Godrej Covalent Laboratory Work Bench System

The Godrej Interio Laboratory Furniture Covalent work bench system has been created with the aim of providing laboratories with a combination of adaptability, flexibility, and ergonomic design, all while maintaining a visually pleasing appearance.


Flexibility and Adjustability

The design of the reagent shelves allows for flexibility and height adjustment and offered in glass, compact laminate and metal options

Flexible Configuration

The differential height worktop provides the flexibility to accommodate different height needs.

Hygiene and Safety

It has a sink area equipped with a water splash guard to prevent spills and splashes. Also, cabinets raised for convenient accessibility, providing ample legroom and extra space

Maximized Storage Utility

Choose optional cabinet (suspended, mobile and sliding) for added utility

Ease of Maintenance

The access panel is designed to enable easy and convenient maintenance, and additionally features completely hidden service line provision


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Godrej Covalent Laboratory Work Bench System

  • Dimensions W x H x D (cm)

    442.5 x 75 x 154

    Storage Type

    A) Under Bench Storage Options - 1. Mobile 2. Suspended 3. Sliding B) Overhead Storage - 1. Wall-Mounted 2. Upright-Mounted


    1) As per SEFA 8M for metal caseworks (storages) 2) As per SEFA 10 for adaptable workbenches 3) As per EN 14727 for metal storages and EN 13150 for adaptable workbenches

    Delivery Condition



    1 Year

    Reagent Shelf Material

    1. Glass 2. Granite 3. Phenolic Resin 4. Metal 5. Epoxy

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