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Godrej Anti-Vibration Table (AVT)

Godrej Interio Anti vibration tables & Balance Tables are designed to reduce the effects of vibrations on sensitive laboratory equipment, such as microscopes, computers, and other delicate instruments. They use specialized dampening materials to absorb and dissipate vibrations, providing a stable platform for delicate instruments. 


Vibration Isolation

Effective for isolation of precision equipment from floor-generated vibrations by environmental means.

High Accuracy

Used for application where instrument usage and accuracy of reading are affected by vibrations, like weight balances, galvanometer and more.

Adjustable Feet

The surface of a balance table must be adjustable to ensure accuracy. Adjustable feet can be used to adjust the level of the surface.

Easy to Clean

Balance tables is easy to clean which reduces the risk of contamination.

Separate Service Dropper

To prevent rusting, a service dropper constructed from 0.8 mm MS in a hollow section is used as a divider between the body and worktop.


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Godrej Laboratory Anti Vibration Table (AVT)

  • Dimensions W x H x D (cm)

    90 x 75 x 60

    Primary Material

    CRCA MS 1.2mm thk

    Finish Color

    Multiple Color Options

    Delivery Condition



    1 Year

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