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Godrej 3 Zone Ergonomic Pillow

Godrej Interio understood the need of keeping the head position and neck posture aligned with the natural posture through out your sleep.Candyfloss & Marshmallow pillow has been divided into ‘3 Zones’ to give variable support to the head & neck while sleeping either on the side or the back. We designed the unique 3 zone ergonomic pillow keeping this requirement in mind.


Products Available : 

• Candyfloss ( Softer Pillow - Made of Polyester Fibre )

• Marshmallow ( Firmer Pillow - Made of Polyurethane Foam )


* Availaible in Small , Medium & Big Sizes


Candyfloss Range is designed keeping in mind forthose who prefer softer pillows.It is made of Virgin PolyesterFiber.The insides of the pillowdemonstrates clear segmentation of the 3 zones.These zones are defined for sideand back sleeping.


Marshmallow Range is designed keeping in mind for those who prefer firmer pillows. It
is made of Polyurethane Foam. The insides of the pillow demonstrates clear segmentation
of the 3 zones. These zones are defined for side and back sleeping.


How Pillow disrupts Sleep at night ?

The constant toss and turn at night often disrupts our sleep at night. Being a side sleeper or a back sleeper, one always feels the need to adjust and shift their positions to get sleep. At
times, as a reflex the body signals the hand to fill in the gap beneath your head. The constant shifting and at times the numbness in the hand disrupts your sleep at night.

Thickness of the pillow is one of the most important factor to find the correct pillow. To identify the correct thickness, one needs to consider the “Shoulder Broadness” in the case of side sleeping. However, for back sleeping one needs to take in consideration of the gap between “Hind brain” and “C7 Vertebrae”.


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Godrej 3 Zone Ergonomic Pillow

SKU: 52121505SD00090
₹3,851.00 Regular Price
₹3,465.90Sale Price
  • Various Thickness Options by measuring shoulder to neck range helps in deciding the appropriate pillow for your body to keep it in the right posture even while asleep. Check the distance between your shoulder and ear range, as shown in the image. With the derived reading, pick the pillow range based on the chart displayed.

  • Dimension

    65cm x 40.5cm


    Small : 6cm

    Regular : 8.5cm

    Big : 11cm

    Recommended pillow cover size : 69cm x 46cm


    1 Year

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